Sky News Arabia Shines with Special US Presidential Elections Coverage


Continuing to Strengthen its Position as a News Major in the Arab World

  • Over 480 prominent experts and observes interviewed 
  • More than 155 million views on owned digital platforms  
  • More than 60 windows aired 
  • Non-stop 24-hour live coverage during election days from November 3rd to the 8th 
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality studios provided unique viewing experience

Abu Dhabi: Sky News Arabia has continued to strengthen its position as a news major in the Arab world, hosting 492 prominent experts and observers during its special US Elections coverage, the highest number of interviewees amongst Arab news channels. The high-profile guests included senior Democratic and Republican party members, former Foreign Ministers as well as senior executives from American Think Tanks and Poling/voting Centers.

Sky News Arabia shined by utilizing cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality technologies in its Abu Dhabi studios to bring audiences a unique and rich visual experience. The Virtual Reality set also brought audiences to the White House backyard and reported on election results with real-time data integrated 3D visuals. Augmented data integrated elements such as state maps and bar graphics among others. 

The unique technology driven approach resulted in Sky News Arabia’s US Elections coverage receiving more than 155 million views across its various digital platforms.

Over the course of five days, starting on November 3rd at 8 am (Abu Dhabi Time) and ending on 8th November at 12 pm (Abu Dhabi Time), Sky News Arabia broadcast non-stop insights, interviews, analysis and reports from American cities to immerse Arab viewers in the historic event.

Sky News Arabia’s special US Presidential Elections coverage began on October 25th and ended on November 10th and was brought to audiences’ screens using the latest technology and a professional team spread in major American states to ensure viewers across the region are well informed and updated on the highly anticipated and watched global political events of the year.