• The new schedule includes its most popular courses in TV presenting, digital media, and content creation as well as new courses in Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Promo Producing, Creative Directing, and Art Directing 
  • The Sky News Arabia Academy provides the latest training in all areas of digital and media to ensure that people have the essential skills to excel in all industries
  • The courses appeal to Arab talent pursuing a career in media as well as professionals who want to sharpen their skills in public speaking, communications and improve their digital proficiency
  • Since its inception Sky News Arabia has upskilled more than 350 graduates

Abu Dhabi:Sky News Arabia Academy has announced a new course schedule that includes its most popular trainings and workshops to date, as well as a new selection of exciting and innovative courses. The most popular include TV presenting, mobile journalism, video editing and digital and social media. The Academy will also be introducing a new selection of courses focusing on ‘Creativity.’ These include; Graphic Design, Motion Graphic Design, Promo Producing, Creative Directing, and Art Directing.

The Academy was established to enhance the skills of young people to empower them with the knowledge and confidence to thrive in the digital era. The course line-up has been designed to appeal to career starters who want to pursue a career in the media as well as professionals who will benefit from honing their skills in public speaking and presenting, media training, improving their digital knowledge or learning hands on skills in content creation and production.

Nart Bouran, CEO Of International Media Investments and Sky News Arabia said; “Media training is essential in all organisations and every sector of trade and the economy. Everyone, in every company, from a career starter to a senior executive can benefit from improved presenting skills and media training.  We live in a digital world that moves quickly, so keeping ahead of digital trends and innovations is critical in order to compete in today’s modern culture. I am really proud of what the Sky News Arabia Academy has achieved and the diversity of the talent that have benefitted from our training.” 

Sky News Arabia Academy has trained over 350 people to date from all over the MENA region. It has hosted workshops and training courses led by a selection of the most experienced Arab media professionals including renowned TV presenters Chantel Salibe and Ramza Zakharia and guest speakers including Nadim Koteich. The Academy has also trained more than 40 governmental and private organizations to sharpen their executives’ skills and learn the latest techniques to help them thrive in their sector.

Mahra Al Yaqoobi, Head of Sky News Arabia Academy, said: “We are delighted with the success of the Academy and I am really proud of all of the graduates to date.  As a leader and pioneer in the media sector we recognise the importance of nurturing media skills and we are committed to shaping the future of media and empowering talent as well as strengthening other sectors by equipping professionals with the media and digital skills they need to thrive.”