Mall of the Emirates, over 100 audiences with various backgrounds from game industry, blockchain startups, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and investors applauded the first game ICO of MENA in huge excitement. Dubai is the 10th Stop of a series of such events which shall go on in Seoul and Tokyo on 16th and 18th Jan respectively.

CPW (Castle Peak World), the organizer of this ever-great workshop, is the first Dubai registered game distributor of mobile online entertainment and a pioneer seeking and conducting concept of “Blockchain+Mobile Game”.

Different from other tycoons of game industry, CPW particularly focuses its insights in MENA, an area of immense potential investment return more than remaining of the world, said Mr. Mohammed Al Nadary, the CEO of CPW

CPW team comprises practitioners of various industrial backgrounds from MENA, Japan, Korea, China and USA etc. Offices serving specific function are established in Dubai, Tokyo, HK, Beijing, Seoul.

As statistics and research revealed, MENA mobile games and online entertainment has an annual ARPU growth rate of 47%, largely outraced the rest of the world. With the upgrade of smart phones in next years, such advantage is getting more and more obvious and uncontestable. However, the rising is still unsatisfying and challenging, while the game could barely impress local players due to constraints derived from religion and culture, un-unified payment manners, awkward customer services and operation, shortage of game talents, and fund raising.

An unprecedented and breakthrough ecosystem and platform integrating the game localization, publishing, fundraising with edging blockchain technology is resorted to diminish and resolve those obstacles and difficulties by CPW, announced by Mr. Katzuyuki, co-founder of CPW and former Yahoo Japan CMO. He also provides the ICO website for more reference.

CPG (Castle Peak Game platform), as a token for CPW, apart from in-game payment of virtual items, comes along the characteristic of cryptocurrency in the sense of value investment, a widespread concept and utility as most TOKENs at present globally.

As a platform committed to improve players feeling and experience as priority, CPG creates the exchange contract facilitating fiat recharging to their game accounts. In addition, distribution contract, fundraising contract, and voting contract will jointly supplement and enable the realization of production line system manipulating game concept, production, publishing and evolution involving players and game practitioners of backgrounds regardless of races, nations, gender, time and space.

With respect to guarantee and maintain constant value growth, a mechanism of TOKEN destruction or burning is designed and applied for dynamic self- balancing of CPG storage, which also brings about escalating capital inflow rate and efficiency for content providers as well.

Egret Technology, a professional game development engine provider in China with more than 2000 worldwide corporate customers was also invited, with whom CPW signed agreement of cooperation in H5 game and share of intellectual products. “ We have huge and strong confidence than ever before to work with CPW” said Vice President of Egret Technology.

“This CPG and its ICO is not like any other ICO heard, it is physically for local ” said one audience in the event.

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