RSB & Brushtip collaborate to bring sustainability to life using interactive technologies on RSB’s stand at International Water Summit 2018


Visitors learn about ways to save energy by seeing sustainability live in action at RSB’s interactive villa model during the show

Imagine walking down an exhibition aisle and chancing upon a beautiful smart home, powered by solar panels, smart irrigation systems, smart meters, complete with an electric car parked in the driveway next to its home electric car charger! Is this reality? Well sort of. RSB, Regulation and Supervision Bureau, Abu Dhabi, came up with a smart plan for their participation in this year’s International Water Summit being held in the UAE capital from 15th-18th January.

Drawing from the ‘show and learn’ pattern of educating, RSB’s stand at the event offered an interactive platform integrating Augmented Reality into their existing sustainable villa model, making it come to life for visitors. Exhibition designers Brushtip, the brains behind the idea, suggested the cutting-edge, technology-driven and innovative concept to make RSB’s “Sustainable Villa” real for exhibition-goers. “Most people are visual in their approach to grasping concepts.  However technology-led innovations are adding another dimension to the way people interact with brands and ideas. Our team realized early on that meeting RSB’s objective of educating customers on sustainability meant creating an interactive bridge between the realms of real-estate and energy savings and technology. But we also knew awareness initiatives can be boring for visitors if they are not engaging and interesting experiences. VR and AR technologies are very powerful in creating this kind of an attractive experiential for people, and hence we proposed this integration”, said Farha Anwar, Partner, Brushtip Advertising & Exhibitions.

New media tools and communication aids are being used increasingly to add value, oomph and experientialism to expos and trade shows. In an attempt to help participants engage better with their audience and leave a lasting impression on visitors, tools like Augmented reality have been making an appearance during exhibitions across the globe over the last year. However their use has largely been restricted to creating lifelike digital 3d models of brochures, 2-d floor plans and pictures of products. By embedding the tool into RSB’s existing Sustainable Villa model, Brushtip has taken this interactive experience a notch higher. “Our participation goals were simple. We had a sustainability concept depicted by our model villa and we wanted to use the exhibitions platform to communicate this to the visitors. Brushtip clearly understood our key messaging objectives and integrated that into our stand design with AR’s innovative technology. This helped us deliver our concepts in a revolutionary way, built great engagement with visitors and helped them understand the workings of the Sustainable Villa in an “I can do this too” kind of manner. And that is what we really wanted”, added Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Al Suwaidi, Corporate Communication Manager with RSB.

Apart from the AR integrated Sustainable Villa, RSB’s stand this year also featured interactive touchscreen presentations on all the 4 directorates of the entity – Production & Electricity Services, Water Services, Legal Services & Customer Excellence, as well as the Economic Regulation Directorate.

And that is not all. The stand also ensured they had something for the younger visitors to the stand, a key target audience for sustainability. Tapping into the gaming craze, a decision-making interactive game for kids was showcased at the stand that allowed school children visiting the show to realize the potential and power of their decisions on saving water and electricity. The surprise and delight of the children was palpable as they navigated the various zones of the house built into the app, acting on various opportunities to act fast and switch off of energy consuming equipment, shut taps etc. before leaving the house for school. “At the end of each game, the children get a badge that reads, “I am an Efficiency Champion”. It was an engaging way to educate these young energy champions by making them aware of their surroundings, so they put in the little extra effort required to save water and electricity”.

About Brushtip:

Brushtip is a full-service creative agency with a 360 portfolio of services covering advertising, interactive exhibitions, and web services, based in UAE.

About RSB:

The Regulation and Supervision Bureau (The Bureau) was established in 1998 and is considered the independent regulator of the water, wastewater and electricity sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It has exclusive authority to regulate all companies undertaking activities associated with electricity and water production, transmission, distribution and supply. In addition, the Bureau also regulates the wastewater sector, which is responsible for ensuring the safe collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater products.