Dentist Direct Dubai welcomes Dr. Ilhaam Sheikh to its team of dental experts

Dr. Ilhaam Sheikh

Dr. Ilhaam Sheikh will be providing complimentary consultations until end of June  

Dr. Ilhaam Sheikh

Dubai, UAE: Dentist Direct Dubai, a UK-based expert in dentistry offering holistic approach to oral health, is pleased to welcome Dr. Ilhaam Sheikh to its team of dental experts.

Dr Ilhaam Sheikh is a highly seasoned dentist bringing the reassurance of over ten valuable years of international experience in aesthetic, cosmetic and general dentistry to patients visiting Dentist Direct Dubai. She holds a Post Graduate degree in Esthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry and is a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S) ENCODE in collaboration with State University of New York, Buffalo, USA from the M.A. Rangoonwala College of Dental Sciences.

Her specialization is minimally invasive, preventive and conservative dentistry. Dr Ilhaam Sheikh firmly believes that precision, perfection and aesthetics in the oral cavity should be the end product of the procedures performed. She has performed numerous complex dental procedures over the years, and is known for her speed while delivering flawless results. Dr Ilaam Sheikh’s strong communication and interpersonal skills enable her to establish a good rapport and trust with each patient, and ease their anxiety effortlessly. These traits of hers, which have been consistently appreciated, have led to loyal repeat clientele.

The power of a smile to transform and enhance one’s personality is gaining relevance today as also the importance of oral hygiene as being an indicator and key to good health. Regular maintenance of one’s teeth and upkeep of good oral hygiene are vital to healthy interactions in society and the lack of proper care or deterioration in condition of one’s teeth are indicative of and can even lead to other health problems related to major organs like the heart and even brain. So a lot goes behind a truly healthy smile. The great strides made in dental science translate to advantages one can and should take advantage of for one’s benefit.           

Dr Ilhaam Sheikh has vast expertise in setting right conditions affecting the truly healthy smile of confidence sought after by patients as she is skilled in a wide range of dentistry work such as partial/full/prepless veneers, crown and bridge work and full mouth rehabilitations. Dr Ilhaam Sheikh will be providing complimentary cosmetic consultations until the end of June.

Dr Banker, Regional Head of Dentist Direct said, “We are very happy to welcome Dr. Ilhaam Sheikh to our team of talented specialists. Her vast experience, knowledge and skills in the field will prove to be invaluable for patients seeking to enjoy the vast benefits of good oral health and a pleasing personality in their lives. She will be providing complimentary cosmetic consultations until the end of June. This offers a wonderful opportunity to consult with an expert dentist of her international caliber. So on behalf of Dentist Direct I request one and all to avail the benefits of a consultation with Dr. Ilhaam Sheikh.”        

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Ilhaam Sheikh and  to find out more about what we offer at Dentist Direct Dubai, please call +971 4 455 9398 or +971 56 192 3093, visit the website or make an appointment using our online form.          

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