The benefits of getting a second opinion for your dental work


Dentist Direct Dubai offers ‘Second Opinion Service’ for free!

Dentist Direct Dubai in Tecom
Dentist Direct Dubai in Tecom

Dubai, UAE: Dentist Direct Dubai, a UK-based expert in dentistry with a holistic approach to oral health, offers free ‘Second Dental Opinion’, aimed at ensuring patients make the right decision for their dental treatment.

Seeking a second opinion on a dental situation especially on a complex problem gives patients the confidence they need to know that they are making the right decision. Many things can affect the decision making process for example – language barrier – not only from a regional variation, but also how much medical terminology is used, costing, and location of the clinic. It is particularly important that patients full understand the implications and potential benefits and risks of any treatment they commit to. This is known as “informed consent” and it is vital that one fully understands what is involved in a procedure before going ahead.

In some situations, it is the dentist who requests a second opinion from a dental specialist in order to obtain additional information about a dental problem. Second opinions are important because they may confirm, refute or clarify the situation. They may also offer several options to a patient that they may find more appealing or appropriate in planning their personal journey. Sometimes there is more than one “right answer” and only you can decide then what is best for your mouth.  If you are uncomfortable with a diagnosis, trust your gut. Learn why it can be important to get the feedback of more than one dentist.

Mr David came to Dentist Direct Dubai under orders from his daughter who was getting married this summer to improve his smile, he was looking for a dentist he could trust and understood his needs.  His daughter wanted him to have a beautiful smile on her wedding day and make her proud walking down the aisle together.

David first had an appointment with Rachael England, Dental Hygienist of Dentist Direct Dubai to make sure his gums and oral hygiene were in tip-top condition, having perfect foundations is essential to creating perfect dentistry that will last. He then attended appointments with Dr Neil to begin restoring his smile.

David was unsure of an expensive treatment plan offered to him elsewhere and came seeking a second opinion on this. Dr. Neil Mitchell, Principal Dentist of Dentist Direct Dubai discussed the various options to replace missing teeth and help Mr David chose the right treatment plan for him, one that was much less invasive, preserved more of his natural teeth and was also more cost effective. Understanding the options available is essential in gaining consent to go ahead with any work. Sometimes people agree to something suggested by the professional and go on to regret it later when the repercussions of complex work becomes reality.

Dentist Direct Dubai book long appointments to fully discuss patient’s options, in a language they understand – free from medical jargon, then allow them time to deliberate and chat with the clinic’s patient care coordinator for any queries.

David opted for a bridge and replacement of white fillings to ensure he looked amazing on his daughter’s big day. The clinic’s dental lab prepared a super bridge to replace the missing tooth and restore both appearance and function for David. He was delighted with the result and will remain cared for by Dentist Direct to keep his healthy smile for a lifetime.

Dr. M. Banker, the Regional Head of Dentist Direct, said: “You’re never wrong in seeking a second opinion. All dentists have unique backgrounds, because they were trained differently in terms of education, postgraduate work, diagnostic equipment and experiences such as different sets of dental health problems in their practice. Multiple perspectives can help you make an informed decision about treatment.”

Remember, only a dentist can diagnose your dental problems and Dentist Direct Dubai offers the right treatment plan for you.

About the Dentist Direct Dubai:

Dentist Direct provides dental health care services in the United Kingdom. The company’s dental services include veneers, composite bonding, enamel reshaping, crowns, invisible fillings, teeth whitening, gaps, implants, professional tooth cleaning, and fresh breath. It provides services to children, parents, infants, juniors, and teens. The company was founded in 2012 and is based in Houghton-le-Spring, United Kingdom. Dentist Direct Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Dental Patient Care America Inc.