Discover the Releases Rocking the UAE With Spotify Charts


Streaming your favorite artist’s new song the moment it comes out? Great. Seeing it trend at the top of the charts, knowing it is being enjoyed by fellow fans around the world? You are not alone. That is why Spotify is announcing the launch of Spotify Charts in the United Arab Emirates.

The introduction of Spotify Charts will allow fans and artists alike to better share and enjoy pivotal music moments, as well as get a definitive snapshot of what music is having the most global and local impact.

Spotify Charts is also launching in KSA, Egypt and Morocco.

Spotify Charts includes:  

  • Spotify Charts – now available in-app on iOS & Android.  
  • Top Songs United Arab Emirates will celebrate the biggest songs each week, Friday through Thursday.
  • United Arab Emirates Top 50 captures the most played tracks on a daily basis.  
  • United Arab Emirates Viral 50 highlights the most viral tracks with daily updates. 

Be sure to follow @SpotifyArabia for the most up-to-date info. 

About Spotify:

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