Dubai-based ARC Talent expands operations to the UK, appoints David Flemming as the new Regional Director


Dubai: Dubai-based ARC Talent, an outsourced talent partner for enterprises, start-ups, and multinationals looking for talent-acquisition support and growth, has announced its expansion into the UK market. To lead the operations, ARC Talent has appointed David Flemming as the new regional director for the UK and MENA.

David has been involved in an advisory capacity at ARC Talent since its inception. He brings along over 17 years of experience providing talent and recruitment-related solutions to globally recognised organisations. Under the new role, David will be responsible for expanding ARC Talent’s capability across the UK while also leading its ‘Search’ business.

Abdul-Rahman Risilia, CEO and founder of ARC Talent, said: “After serving the highly dynamic and globalised market of the UAE and sourcing the best talent for businesses and organisations for many years, ARC Talent is proud to enter the equal interesting UK market.”

“This expansion comes at a time when the market is opening up after a challenging global scenario and the organisations are looking for people who can fit in their highly evolved workplaces. We are looking forward to empowering the traditional concept of recruitment in the region with this new step and under the able leadership of a veteran in the field like David Flemming,” he added.

ARC Talent enables a talent pool within the marketing, digital and technology ecosystem by identifying and sourcing the right skillset for each entity, thereby cementing their scientific and human-centric approach to the workforce. Partnering strategically with corporates and start-ups, the consultancy provides the very best skills and talent, both regionally and internationally.

About ARC Talent:

Founded by Abdul-Rahman Risilia, ARC Talent is a specialist outsourced talent partner based in the UAE with a global outreach. Integrating itself into existing teams on critical hiring projects or acting as end-to-end solution partners, its team members embed seamlessly into a business, catering to its recruitment needs. 

ARC Talent partners strategically with agencies, corporates and start-ups to provide the best-skilled talent. Its mechanisms are transparent and results-driven, operating through a cost-effective subscription, with no hidden fees, covering all the relevant tools, platforms and logistics.