**Homegrown UAE brand becomes the largest interior wrapping company in the world**

Dubai based Creative Wrap offers a cost-effective, eco-friendly solution to renovating homes and commercial spaces in less time, whilst providing huge cost savings compared to conventional methods. 

Founded in 2018 by two British expats, Lloyd Williams and Aaron Mitchell, who together, decided to revolutionise the interior industry by introducing the UAE to a unique concept of using Architectural Film to upcycle and transform spaces. From kitchens to bathrooms, lobbies to lifts and everything in-between, Thousands of Dubai residents have now enjoyed the many benefits of ‘wrapping’ their tired, outdated homes and commercial spaces, giving them a fresh new lease of life in just a fraction of the time – removing the need for weeks of labour, heavy-duty tools and a messy environment. 

Since their launch Creative Wrap has serviced the needs of over 6000 households and commercial properties using over 10km of unique Architectural Film every month. With approx. 743,000 homes in the UAE, there is an ongoing demand for property renovations in the region which has led to a 6-fold increase in revenue year on year to-date and 50% growth year on year projected for 2022 for Creative Wrap.

As the very first interior wrapping company in the region, Creative Wrap began their journey with one roll of Architectural Film and three staff, and have grown to:

Property renovations are a key spending trend across the globe, with 2021 research by Property Reporter UK showing how 49% of UK residents upscaled their properties, to suit their tastes and latest trends, with many keen to live more sustainably in the process. It can be an extremely expensive and stressful time for homeowners and renters alike due to the cost alone, alongside the upheaval the renovation can bring with it. It is therefore not surprising that many residents are now looking to take advantage of practical solutions that offer affordability, quality and longevity, as well as stay ahead of the latest trends in the market. 

For Creative Wrap, quality products and installation, affordability, sustainability and providing value are the most important drivers of their business, and their mantra is simple as explained by CEO and Co-founders Lloyd Williams and Aaron Mitchell.

Whilst the new season may be filled with some financial uncertainty, value, quality and affordability will without doubt remain a key decision-making factor for all homeowners and businesses in the region.  Offering a five-year warranty, all Creative Wrap sustainable solutions are guaranteed for ten years, with the newest generation of home and commercial property renovation also a truly sustainable option to upscale your space. 

About Creative Wrap:

Creative Wrap is the new generation of home and commercial property renovation. Offering a cost effective, eco-friendly way to upscale your space in less time than conventional renovation methods, Creative Wrap was founded in 2018 by two British expats Lloyd Williams and Aaron Mitchell, who together decided to revolutionize the interior industry by introducing the UAE to this unique concept.  The idea behind Creative Wrap stemmed from co-founder Lloyd Williams seeking an innovative yet cost effective way to upgrade his Dubai rental property. During his research he discovered that no company in the UAE specialized in the concept of interior wrapping with Architectural film. The company’s aim was to simplify home and office renovations without the need for weeks of labour, heavy duty tools and a messy environment. Thousands of residential and corporate clients have now enjoyed the benefits of ‘wrapping’ their tired, outdated homes and spaces giving them a fresh, updated look without the exponential cost, time and mess traditional renovations bring. Transforming spaces using a unique interior architectural film, Creative Wrap specialise in upcycling spaces from kitchens to bathrooms, lobbies to lifts and everything in between. Benefits include being fully waterproof, scratch resistant, antibacterial and having anti-mold and self-extinguishing properties. Some of Creative Wrap’s corporate projects include Reel Cinemas, Dubai Police, Ibn Battuta Mall, Burj Khalifa, Fitness First, Movenpick Hotels and many more.

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