Dubai Based Creative Wrap Launches in Egypt to affordably and sustainably transform homes and commercial property


Founded in Dubai, UAE, Creative Wrap offers a cost-effective, eco-friendly solution to renovating homes and commercial spaces in less time, whilst providing huge cost savings compared to conventional methods. Over the course of its inception since 2017, the British managed company has revolutionised the interior industry by offering a unique concept of using Architectural Film to upcycle and transform spaces including bathrooms and kitchens across thousands of homes in the Emirates, as well as upgrading lobbies, lifts and more in a host of commercial properties such as malls, gyms, offices and hotels in the region.

As the very first interior wrapping company in the region, Creative Wrap has seen tremendous growth over its 5 year journey, increasing in size from 3 members of staff to over 100. The multi-million-dollar company is now the largest interior wrap organisation in the world, using 10km of wrap per month, the equivalent of wrapping the height of the Burj Khalifa 14 times per month. 

Upon their success in the UAE, the company has now officially launched in Egypt where they have a team of 10 looking after operations there. In keeping with their tried and tested mantra that has brought so much success in the UAE, quality products, installation, affordability, sustainability and providing value are the key drivers of the business and will continue to be as they expand their offering to Egypt. Their showroom is set to open in the Mall of Arabia in October.

About Creative Wrap:

Creative Wrap is the new generation of home and commercial property renovation. Offering a cost effective, eco-friendly way to upscale your space in less time than conventional renovation methods, Creative Wrap was founded in 2017 by two British expats Lloyd Williams and Aaron Mitchell, who together decided to revolutionize the interior industry by introducing the UAE to this unique concept.  The idea behind Creative Wrap stemmed from co-founder Lloyd Williams seeking an innovative yet cost effective way to upgrade his Dubai rental property. During his research he discovered that no company in the UAE specialized in the concept of interior wrapping with Architectural film. The company’s aim was to simplify home and office renovations without the need for weeks of labour, heavy duty tools and a messy environment. Thousands of residential and corporate clients have now enjoyed the benefits of ‘wrapping’ their tired, outdated homes and spaces giving them a fresh, updated look without the exponential cost, time and mess traditional renovations bring. Transforming spaces using a unique interior architectural film, Creative Wrap specialise in upcycling spaces from kitchens to bathrooms, lobbies to lifts and everything in between. Benefits include being fully waterproof, scratch resistant, antibacterial and having anti-mold and self-extinguishing properties. Some of Creative Wrap’s corporate projects include Reel Cinemas, Dubai Police, Ibn Battuta Mall, Burj Khalifa, Fitness First, Movenpick Hotels and many more.