Dur and Ensan Signed a Social Partnership Agreement


dur-ensanDur Hospitality Company signed an efficient partnership agreement with the Charity Committee for Orphans Care “Ensan”, at Dur’s headquarters in Riyadh, on Wednesday 21/09/2016.

The agreement aims to exchange knowledge, expertise, investment and strategic experiences and studies in connection to both parties’ domain of work.

As per this agreement, Dur Hospitality sponsors and supports Ensan`s activities and events through offering its amenities. The latter will also benefit from Dur`s investment counseling services which will help develop the non-profit organization and achieve optimum utilization of its owned resources. Dur will also be conducting feasibility studies to ensure the sustainability of the NGO and maximize its beneficiaries return.

In the presence of a number of representatives, the agreement was signed by Dr. Badr Al Badr, CEO of Dur Hospitality Company and Mr. Saleh Al-Yousuf, the Director General of Ensan.

This agreement contributes to the transfer of knowledge, where Dur will be helping Ensan implement the best administrative and financial practices. Such arrangements highlight the importance of the cooperation between corporates and NGOs which contributes to the development of both NGO`s and the Saudi society.

About Dur Hospitality:

Dur Hospitality, (Saudi Hotels and Resorts Co.-Hotels Previously) the most prestigious Hospitality Saudi company; has been publicly listed and trading on the Saudi stock market since 1976.

Dur Hospitality owns, develops, and manages a broad range of tourism and residential properties across The Kingdom.  In 2014, Dur announced that it will invest SAR 1.5 billion to achieve a planned portfolio of 20 hotels and six residential properties by 2023.

Dur Hospitality sets an exemplar for successful hospitality development through presenting genuine hospitality services to become the perfect partner to any local, regional or international party. This concept was reflected through its partnership with Marriott International & Intercontinental Hotels Group.

Dur Hospitality has also contributed to the development of “Holy cities specialized hospitality”, through its own Brand “Makarem” that was recently re-launched with a new identity. Makarem Hotel announced operating 10 new hotels in the coming 5 years in the Holy cities of Makkah and Madinah.