“Dur Communities” unveils its new brand identity In line with its strategy to develop residential complexes


Dur Communities, a subsidiary of Dur Hospitality mandated with the development and management of residential compounds, has unveiled its new brand identity and a new phase in its mission to transform customer experiences and enrich the Saudi Hospitality sector in line with the ambitious directives of Saudi Vision 2030. The new identity encompasses a comprehensive portfolio of offerings pertaining to the management, operation, and development of residential compounds and their facilities.

The new identity reflects the company’s growing capabilities and world-class approach in managing a full spectrum of services that guarantee avant-garde accommodation standards and contribute promising investment opportunities to the sector. 

The brand was designed to embrace authenticity and originality and adopt best world practices and modern technologies and offer a concept that redefines hospitality and boosts the industry with heightened capabilities.

Dur Communities aspires to build strategic liaisons with stakeholders seeking a full-array of operational solutions, beginning from management and maintenance to customer services and detail-oriented offerings, thus reiterating its keenness to cooperate with all relevant entities and achieve outstanding success for the brand.

The launch of Dur Communities’ new brand identity coincides with its attainment of the lSO 9001 certification in Quality Management Systems (QMS) for the second consecutive year following its fulfillment of required standards, most prominently implementing first-rate property management and maintenance services on par with best global practices by a team of highly qualified sector experts. The certification was awarded to Dur Communities by Bureau Veritas, the globally pioneering certification body specialized in auditing, laboratory testing, quality certification issuing, and health and security standard vetting. It is regarded as the most prestigious global certification of its kind and is accredited by more than 1 million organizations in 170 countries around the world.

Dur Hospitality designed its subsidiary Dur Communities to manage and operate residential complexes that offer a modern, innovative, and comprehensive accommodation lifestyle. It currently boasts 9 highly rated and professionally-managed complexes across Saudi Arabia’s major cities and regions, with 1381 residential units available in various floor plans, green spaces, and sports and entertainment facilities.