Dur Hospitality Recognizes its Top Female Achievers


dur-logoWe have witnessed several achievements by Saudi women in various sectors, and we have seen the Saudi lady excel in various fields locally and globally where she represented her homeland and conveyed a civilized image of the Kingdom, as the Kingdom of Humanity.

This advanced position was not granted to the Saudi Lady; it was the result of all the hard work and time she invested in developing herself to obtain the required educational and professional skills. Of course, the governmental support and the latest official decrees were the major incentives for women to conquer the labor market with confidence.

Recent studies revealed a 167.5 % increase in the Female Saudis working in the private sector in 2015 as compared to previous years to record more than 468 thousand working ladies in the private sector only by the mid of 2015.

The hospitality sector is quite appealing for Saudi females, as statistics reflect that more than 100,000 ladies are interested in working in the Hospitality sector.

Another survey also revealed that 27% of women employed in this area occupy the position of General Manager and 13% operations manager in addition to different posts in banquets, Human Resources, and Housekeeping.

And in their endeavor to empower Saudi ladies working in the hospitality sector, Dur Hospitality honored it top female achievers that work for the company.

Ms. Maram Al Khreijy, Events Manager, was elected as “Best Employee” in Makarem Riyadh in recognition for her outstanding performance that contributed to increasing the wedding ceremonies at the hotel by 45% last year. Ms. Torfa Al Roseis, Executive Assistant, was recognized for the great job she did in the managerial initiatives which are in compliance with work standards.

Ms. Maram Al Khreijy expressed her gratitude towards this distinction that shows Dur’s appreciation to its employees and recognition of their work. Such awards motivate us to deliver more and contribute further to the success of the company we work for.

Dr. Badr AL Badr, Dur Hospitality CEO, “Empowering ladies comes within our strategic plans and localization objectives. Moreover, developing our female calibers and recognizing their work and awarding them will definitely contribute to attracting more ladies to work in this sector and will enhance overall productivity.”