Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo BSC (c) Selects Syncron to Streamline Parts Inventory

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Leading automotive distributor employs Syncron Inventory to increase aftermarket revenue and boost productivity

ATLANTA: Syncron announced today that Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo BSC (c), Bahrain’s leading automotive and diversified business conglomerate, has selected Syncron Inventory to optimize its parts inventory for a more connected, reliable, profitable and customer-focused aftermarket business.

“We need a group-wide, centralized approach,” said Stefan Moench, chief operating officer, Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo. “From an operational perspective, our parts operations has become more complex. Each department has site-specific ordering guidelines, so they have different policies and follow different processes. With a centralized solution, we can resolve these issues and streamline our inventory operations.”

By partnering with Syncron, Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo optimized its parts inventory business, supporting a multinational workforce of over 2,600 employees and roughly $1 billion in revenue. With predictive analytics, data simulations and advanced reporting features, Syncron Inventory is an industry leader that gives manufacturers invaluable visibility into inventory operations and helps them develop clear and actionable insights.

When looking for a new inventory solution, Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo wanted an intuitive platform with high usability that could test different scenarios for more efficient decision making. “With advanced processing tools, Syncron Inventory enables durable goods manufacturers to resolve inventory concerns before they become problematic,” said Anneliese Schulz, chief revenue officer, Syncron. “Syncron Inventory synthesizes millions of data points into personalized insights for advanced forecasting, resulting in lower supply chain costs and parts availability improvement.”

Syncron takes a customer-centric approach to product implementation and post-implementation. “The whole process was quite smooth,” said Jawed Akhtar, chief information officer, Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo. “We appreciate the professional approach and clear communication. We always knew what to expect. It was one of the easiest implementations I have ever been part of.”

Syncron Inventory is an essential component of the Syncron Connected Service Experience (CSX) Cloud, the foundational platform that enables service organizations to transform their approach to service lifecycle management (SLM), from beginning to end.