Emirati lawyer Abeer Sharif launches mobile app for legal advice at your fingertips


‘Ask Legal’ offers expert advice at a fraction of normal legal fees

Emirati legal expert Abeer Sharif has launched a convenient app to help UAE residents navigate the law quickly and affordably.

Ask Legal will cover areas including civil, commercial, criminal, family and labour law, as well as issues pertaining to intellectual property. Questions will be answered within a maximum of 72 hours at competitive prices to give citizens and residents access to expert advice, for a fraction of the price of normal legal fees.

Abeer Sharif, the brains behind the new app, said in this new digital age, such services are long overdue in the UAE: “We hope that taking this service online and removing some of the prohibitive costs which can deter people from seeking advice from lawyers, we will not only make legal support more accessible, but also speed up people’s queries.

The app will not only make legal help more affordable, but in turn, will ensure citizens and residents needing support have a better understanding of the law in the UAE.

The vision is to cater for the UAE and then include the DIFC jurisdiction and English law in the future,” said Ms. Sharif, ensuring that all aspects of the UAE’s legal system are covered, from Shariah to civil law.

Ms. Sharif, who has worked in the UAE legal sector since 2016, after studying at the American University in the UAE, is part of a new, young generation of lawyers changing the face of the legal system.

With all the recent legal reforms announced by the government, the legal system is undergoing major changes and as lawyers, we have to keep up and help spur the change,” she said. “There has been a lot of modernisation on paper, but now, we are helping to take this and put legal access into people’s hands.”

The different package options available have been made for both individuals and small businesses, with options to ask questions or to have a zoom meeting. The app is available on both Android and iOS.

About Ask Legal:

Founded and operated by Emirati lawyer, Abeer Sharif, Ask Legal is a mobile application available on Android and iOS platforms that offers legal advice on UAE law. It covers segments including civil, commercial, criminal, family and labour law, as well as issues pertaining to intellectual property.