Enterprises Enhance CX quality with ZIWO Cloud Contact Center Solution


While companies focus on delivering a better brand and customer experience, they
are analyzing data to create insights into customer habits in order to create better
solutions and to provide their customers with the best services they can offer that
can be embedded into the customer’s journey. CX or Customer experience is
nowadays delivered across a diverse customer journey that integrates multi-channel
interactions “Omnichannel”. which can play a substantial role in how the CX is
delivered. This demands increased flexibility and scalability that traditional, or
on-premise contact center structures are unable to support efficiently.

ZIWO, Dubai-based cloud contact center software delivers better CX to brands with
immediate cloud contact center deployment. With its local and international telecom
partners, ZIWO also provides virtual phone numbers in any country in the world,
allowing companies to reach new markets instantly,” the company’s CEO said in a

Renaud de Gonfreville, founder and CEO of Ziwo, commenting on this topic, said, “At
this point, most call centers or hotline centers have realized the importance of cloud
computing, management, and tools. The cost of bad customer experience for
companies is staggering $82 billion per year, and that’s in the US only! We want to
provide all the help for companies to “simply talk to their clients” that is our motto at
ZIWO, not only through the telephone but via all different channels, and to help them
understand in real-time how they can serve their customers in a much better way.”

Embracing Technology is the key

Customers want to choose their preferred channel, and the customer journey now is
omnichannel! Customers expect and demand an exceptional experience through
every channel they choose to interact with, so why should the call center be any

Renaud, Founder of ZIWO , said, “Embracing technology is the key factor!
Omnichannel is viewing the experience through the eyes of the customers, and
embracing technology means that companies are able to orchestrate the customer’s experience across all different channels, so that it is seamless, secured, and
consistent. I’ve found that consumers expect a seamless and complementary
experience every time they interact with a company or product or even a service

Fast Deployment and Efficiency

With the increasing pressure on contact centers, a cloud-based solution provides an
instant resolution to increasing efficiency, while delivering a powerful end-to-end
solution, which can be customized to meet the specific needs of any company. After
deciding which solution is best for the company’s environment, the cloud call center
can be launched in a few minutes.
By implementing a contact center in the cloud, businesses can further enhance the
customer journey by delivering a more personalized and tailored interaction.
Security and Reliability
Security is always a major priority when it comes to any tech business; customers
trust that you are keeping their data safe across all the channels provided.
Information security at our ZIWO cloud call center is a priority, and it’s implemented
by using enhanced SSL and SSH encryption of data, ensuring the security of our
website and services.

We Take Customer Experience To Next Level
The level of customer support and service delivered can make or break any
business. Providing a delightful experience across all channels is the foundation,
and the main proposition of our cloud contact center. Customers who engage and
have a great experience when communicating with your brand, they will become
advocates for your brand, translating that into increased customer loyalty, retention,
and revenue.
We, at ZIWO cloud call center, enable enterprises to know their customers better,
anticipate their needs and communicate with them in ways they find attractive.

About ZIWO Cloud Call Center:

Founded by Renaud de Gonfreville and Eric Ouisse, ZIWO was launched in late 2016
in Dubai, with the aim to enable companies to deploy instantly and globally their
customer care and sales teams. Ziwo’s cloud-based contact center can be accessed
anywhere directly on a web browser, or even a mobile phone.
This cloud-based communication software helps companies talk to
their clients, simply. With ZIWO, you can manage phone calls, WhatsApp & SMS
conversations in one single interface with fully API based readymade
CRM plugins to some of the leading CRM software solutions including
Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho, and many more. The
company also allows developers to build on top of its API. Moreover, ZIWO offers
virtual phone numbers in more than 140+countries with instant deployment