Expo Centre Sharjah, UK-based Bett discuss collaboration in educational exhibitions


Expo Centre Sharjah and the UK-based Bett, the global community for education technology, have discussed ways to boost mutual cooperation, develop joint projects in the educational exhibition and conference domains, and strengthen their collaboration in promoting the exhibition industry’s role in supporting the education sector.

An official meeting was held between the two sides at Expo Centre Sharjah, involving key figures, including HE Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, CEO of Expo Centre Sharjah; Tom Poole, Global Strategic Partnerships Director and Head of Key Accounts at Bett-Hyve Groups; and Camilla Johansen, Key Accounts Director at Bett-Hyve Group.

During the meeting, both sides explored avenues of enhancing their partnership, exchanging best practices, expertise, and experiences related to educational exhibitions.

Highlighting the importance of the meeting, HE Saif Mohammed Al Midfa emphasized that Expo Centre Sharjah is committed to strengthening partnerships and exchanging knowledge and international best practices with global exhibition organizers to advance the contribution of exhibition industry, positively impacting various economic, commercial, and cultural sectors.

Al Midfa noted that the meeting represented a pivotal step towards developing education-focused events in both Sharjah and the United Kingdom. “We are keen to foster innovation and deliver educational exhibitions that showcase the latest international expertise and educational methodologies from one hand, and fulfill the expectations of students, educators, and investors in the education sector from the other.”

For his part, Tom Poole expressed his satisfaction with the meeting’s outcomes, adding that it would pave the way for promising avenues of collaboration and exchanging expertise as well as best practices in the field of specialized educational exhibitions.

Poole said, “We are committed to cultivating collaborative efforts with Expo Centre Sharjah to build upon the existing successful endeavors of both organizations in the field of educational events. Our collaboration is expected to promote our exhibitions, making them potent platforms where students and teachers can acquaint themselves with the latest educational opportunities, innovative products and solutions, and the current global trends and supreme practices prevalent in this sector.”