Get Ready to Experience Heart Pounding Adventures in Limitless Worlds Welcome to Arena Games


United Arab Emirates, Dubai: The guys at Arena Games have re-invented virtual reality gaming with a brand-new adrenaline filled, social gaming attraction.  Opening its doors in DIFC, Dubai on Sunday 20th December 2020, Arena Games is the future of multiplayer, virtual reality gaming entertainment and promises to take players on head spinning journeys through infinite worlds.

Arena Games offers people a variety of award winning, free-roaming, deeply immersive virtual reality games. Players can choose to play as a team, exploring far away worlds, or face-off against each other in explosive player versus player combat. Equipped with the most advanced gaming technology that includes virtual reality headsets, headphones, military-style backpacks and guns, players can roam freely around endless virtual worlds.  

Doran Davies, CEO of Arena Games said: “The Virtual Reality Gaming market has been poorly served so far, concepts have tried and failed.  Arena Games is the future of gaming entertainment.  We understand that the experience has to be physical as well as virtual.  People have to feel that they are fully immersed in the game.  At Arena Games we get your heart racing, your friends become allies or rivals, and you become the hero of a limitless world.  This is cutting edge gaming, hair raising stuff!”

Arena Games offers a range of virtual reality games for hardcore and casual gamers alike, with the latest fully immersive gaming systems from the world leaders, Zero Latency and HTC.  Players can expect to fight off zombie attacks in the heart stopping Zombie Survival, while Sol Raiders will have gamers pitching their squad in the ultimate player versus player combat.  Singularity transports players to a secret military space station where they can expect to fight killer robots and rogue drones to regain control, whilst Engineerium, an avatar-like, fantasy world game that combines platform and maze challenges is the perfect game for first-timers and virtual reality experimenters. 

The Arena Games is brought to the market by the same team behind the immensely successful BOUNCE freestyle terrain parks, who know a thing or two about giving visitors amazing, memorable experiences at their venues across the Middle East.  

The Arena Games offers an experience that’s suitable for everyone, from experienced gamers to those who have never tried it before. Prepare to step into a new world!

About The Arena Games: 

The Arena Games is a next generation virtual entertainment space, located at Gate avenue in DIFC.  The Arena Games breaks physical, social and virtual boundaries by taking you on adrenaline pumping journeys through infinite worlds.  They offer friends, families and groups the opportunity to play together, side by side in immersive VR gaming experiences in a warehouse-scale gaming space.

The Arena Games offers a variety of the world leading VR games from Zero Latency and HTC Vive, and uses the latest VR headsets and technology.

The Arena Games is owned and operated by BOUNCE Middle East, the world leaders in freestyle sports entertainment.