he boutique group class gym offers cutting-edge tech to level up training, take out the guesswork from exercising, and provide efficiency unlike anything out there

un1t app

Dubai, UAE – UN1T, the renowned boutique group training fitness studio offers a new tech solution, the UN1T app, to enhance the performance of each member. In every training session, the app will preview all the exercises in the workout, offer coaching points for all movements, and show exactly what weight members should be lifting for the key compound lifts. Enhancing training sessions with this innovative solution provides an unparalleled level of efficiency…efficiency leads to results!

Leading with digital transformation, the UN1T app was built to further enhance training for members. UN1T’s focus on results is backed by numbers as their program is built around the foundational element that ‘numbers don’t lie’. Based on members’ capabilities, all programs are crafted to help them continually lift more, get faster and improve mobility. The three-month training cycle consists of one month of hypertrophy (building lean muscle) one month of strength and one month of power. This overall plan aids in cultivating in-session performance.

What sets UN1T apart from other group training studios is its emphasis on achieving trackable results and their community. Each exercise and session fits into a larger programming plan so that members are continually stimulated to see progress. UN1T’s training system pushes people out of their comfort zone through a team training format. Members tackle each session as a team and work together to complete the workout, skyrocketing motivation.

“Our focus on purposeful programming and community has proven to be successful, and we look forward to continuing to help members achieve their fitness goals at our locations”, said Founder of UN1T Rob Smyth.

UN1T offers world-class facilities with state-of-the-art equipment in three prestigious locations: The Greens and Dubai Hills and Jumeriah. Each of these studios provide expertly crafted fitness programming and individual progress tracking to help members attain the most efficient ways to achieve results.

About UN1T:

UN1T is a boutique, group training fitness studio that uses expertly crafted programming and individual progress to provide the most efficient and motivating way to achieve results. With their motto being “We Train as One”, the progressive class-based gym focuses on various fitness sessions emphasizing on purpose and community.

Founded by Rob Smyth in 2019, who boast decades of sports and fitness experience across various fields worldwide, UN1T specializes in transformations and sports performance. Offering a diverse class schedule focusing on high-intensity interval training and more, UN1T has got you covered no matter what your level of fitness is, helping track progress every step of the way. People from all backgrounds and capabilities train together in the same session providing levels of support, encouragement and inspiration.