As individuals become increasingly discerning about their food choices, the significance of hand-slaughtered meat is rising to the forefront. But have you ever wondered why this particular practice has been cherished for generations? There’s more to this method than simply being considered a healthier option.

Read on to explore how hand-slaughtered meat connects people with tradition and authenticity, ultimately leading to unparalleled culinary experiences with premium food.

So, what sets Al Islami’s Hand-Slaughtered “Real Halal” meat apart as the ideal choice for families?

  1. Superior Hygiene and Safety: Our hand-slaughtered meat strictly adheres to stringent hygiene standards, significantly reducing the risk of bacterial contamination. You can have peace of mind knowing that the meat you serve your family is produced with the utmost care and a strong focus on safety.
  2. In accordance with Islamic Values: Every step of the process, from ensuring complete blood drainage to using a skilled individual wielding a sharp blade, is carried out per Islamic values and guidelines. Religious individuals can find solace in that our brand places immense importance on meeting Halal requirements and meticulously avoids anything prohibited in Islam, resulting in the purest food.
  3. Uncompromised Taste and Quality: Our hand-slaughtered meat undergoes a meticulous process that results in exceptional taste, tenderness, and consistency. You can delight your loved ones with the finest flavours and quality.
  4. Honoring Tradition and Culture: Hand-slaughtered meat embodies a deep reverence for ancestral wisdom, cultural heritage, and the sacred rituals of slaughter. By choosing our products, you enjoy exceptional meat and become a guardian of practices cherished for decades.

“Our vision, firmly rooted in the ideals set forth by the esteemed founder of Al Islami, Mr Haj Saeed Lootah, has always placed the utmost importance on providing honest food. With a commitment to integrity, we prioritise the health and well-being of families by offering the highest quality food possible. Hand-slaughtered meat exemplifies this dedication, enabling individuals to enjoy the benefits of consuming natural and unadulterated food,” said Zubair Ahmad, marketing and international sales director at Al Islami Foods. “Our goal is to empower parents to make informed decisions about their children’s nutrition, ensuring they receive the best food for healthy growth and development.”

Share the goodness of purity through real halal meat, available at leading supermarkets and conveniently accessible through our online store at http://www.alislamifoodsonline.com

About Al Islami:

Al Islami Food’s journey began in 1970. Known as the Dubai Co-operative Society at the time; what started out as a small grocery shop, quickly grew into the larger vision of its founder, Haj Saeed Lootah. The second shop which was opened in Karama, was closer to a modern-day supermarket, and was succeeded by the opening of more stores across Khalid bin Waleed Road, Defense Roundabout and Satwa. The breakthrough which Mr. Lootah and his team had been waiting for, came in 1979 with the opening of a hypermarket in Mirdif, which would serve as a model for all future outlets.

Today, Al Islami Foods is the premium halal food company in the UAE, and one of the biggest food distributors in the region. Quality and transparency is the foundation upon which our brand is based and we enjoy the unequivocal trust of mothers, foodies, cooking enthusiasts who wish to provide nutritious and safe halal foods to their children and families.