How to get rid of Visceral Fat after Lipo or Tummy Tuck surgery?


You are invited to discover the secret with the French Medical Expert company at the Emirates Plastic Surgery Congress.

redustim-at-the-plastic-surgery-congressReduStim – is based since 18 years on the diffusion of BioEnergetic field to provide a 100% natural way of stimulating the release of adipose cells for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes.

Our French group was quick to understand their positive effects, and demonstrates their vertues since 2002 with various medical studies.

ReduStim will be participating this month to the 2nd Emirates Plastic Surgery Congress at Jumeirah Beach Hotel from the 16th to the 19th of November 2016.

Mr. Imad KHALFI, Managing Director of ReduStim Middle East said: “The results are fantastic and unbelievable after a body aesthetic surgery, but patients cannot get rid of Visceral fat after the surgery. With the ReduStim the painless technology, you can reduce the visceral fat up to 8.2%” He added: ‘’ReduStim will be exhibiting at the Saffinah Ballroom, Stand C5’’.

ReduStim, is a fat burning device based on an innovative approach, that aims at progressively eliminating, by bioEnergetic activation, the subcutaneous fat as well as the excess fat (abdominal or visceral fat), responsible among other things for certain cardio-vascular diseases, strokes, cancers as well as male and female infertility, in particular in obese patients.

This professional medical device is clinically recognized and provides visible lasting results with no side effects, no effects on metabolism, and while respecting the body’s natural biological process. It is non-invasive, non-aggressive and totally painless.

About Cosmosoft Advanced Solutions:

The Cosmosoft Advanced Solutions Group was founded by Dr.Daniel Greff, a doctor in biochemistry and innovator in medical solutions. The Group includes PhysioMedica, an electronic production unit based in Tunisia; Cosmosoft, a distribution company based in France; Cosmoweb, a company responsible for promoting digital technologies; and more recently REDUSTIM Healthy Lifestyle Devices FZ-LLC, a Freezone distribution company based in Dubai and Advanced Devices Technology, a mainland distribution company based in Abu Dhabi.