Dubai Customs Reinforces its eTransformation Strategy with Nexthink


Better visibility and enhanced security allows Dubai Customs to streamline operations and offer uninterrupted service 24×7

Khalid Sulaiman, Manager Solution Support, at Dubai Customs
Khalid Sulaiman, Manager Solution Support, at Dubai Customs

UAE: One of the oldest government departments, Dubai Customs achieves excellence in all areas and is 100% smart for its adoption of innovative technologies to enhance its operations and meet the UAE Vision 2021 and Dubai Plan 2021.

Dubai Customs processed over 2.241 million transactions (Q1 2016) comprising of 19 main services as a result of its comprehensive work strategy. Building on this momentum; the department significantly relies on technology to support its rapid growth and deliver new services. As a result, the IT infrastructure of Dubai Customs is becoming increasingly complex with 23 centers across the country. As a government entity, responsible for handling highly sensitive information while respecting strict regulatory requirements, IT security is a paramount concern. With Nexthink, Dubai Customs now has real-time visibility of how its IT infrastructure is functioning from an end-user (employee) perspective; giving the IT team meaningful insights on how to resolve issues quickly – ensuring reliable, secure and speedy access for all end-users and customers; and to showcase Dubai as a leading partner in worldwide free trade.

Khalid Sulaiman, Manager Solution Support, at Dubai Customs said, “We searched extensively for an IT Analytics solution to help us better manage our comprehensive IT Infrastructure. The Nexthink platform provides meaningful insights by offering real-time alerts and notifications of any emerging problems. In effect, it offers Dubai Customs a window into the future to proactively address issues before they can affect the infrastructure as a whole. Nexthink enables us to significantly improve efficiency and productivity.”

“Dubai Customs is on the leading edge of technology adoption and has established itself as not just a national, but a global leader in trade facilitation and security protection. Nexthink’s real-time analytics provide the IT team meaningful data and actionable insight, to proactively identify service and performance issues even before employees can contact IT support,” said Ahmed Seleem, Regional Manager, at Nexthink. “The partnership with Nexthink helps empower Dubai Customs to both safeguard its legacy and lay the foundation for a technology-driven future,” added Seleem.

About Dubai Customs:

Dubai Customs is one of the first government agencies established in the Emirate of Dubai. Often called “the Mother of Government Departments,” because other government agencies have long been housed at the original customs building, Dubai Customs is also respected for the revenue they contribute to the general operation of the Dubai government. Operating for over a century, Dubai Customs continues its mission of “protecting the society and sustaining economic development through compliance and facilitation” consistent with the agency’s vision to become the leading customs administration in the world supporting legitimate trade.

In pursuit of the UAE vision 2021 and Dubai Plan 2021, Dubai Customs has adopted an ambitious eTransformation strategy to ensure it is not only the first department to adopt new and improved technology services, but to remain firmly in first place when it comes to the integration and deployment of new IT solutions.

About Nexthink:

Nexthink is the innovator of End-user IT Analytics for security, ITSM and transformation. Our software uniquely provides enterprise-wide, real-time: analytics covering all endpoints, users, applications and network connections; and visualization of IT infrastructure and service delivery. Nexthink helps IT departments connect, communicate and collaborate to achieve their major goals and to optimize endpoint security, operations, support and workplace transformation projects. Nexthink’s real-time analytics and visualization extend help desk, server monitoring, APM (application performance management) and PCLM (PC lifecycle management) tools and provide essential visibility for IT governance.

Nexthink serves the Global 5000 utilizing a leveraged partner model. Nexthink is a private company headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. Nexthink® is a registered trademark of Nexthink S.A.