• HSBC MENA executive committee convenes in Cairo
  • The  regional management visit signals Egypt’s importance as one of HSBC’s priority markets in MENA

Regional business and function heads of HSBC Middle East, North Africa and Turkey visited Cairo recently to hold their second executive committee meeting in Egypt in less than three years, as well as spend time with customers at an HSBC event. The visit is a testament of the importance of the country as one of the priority markets for HSBC Group globally.

Speaking at the event, Georges Elhedery, Deputy Chairman and CEO of HSBC Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, said: “We are delighted to have our senior management team for Middle East, North Africa and Turkey gather here in Egypt and take this opportunity to meet and engage with our customers. As the leading global bank, HSBC has a significant business in Egypt and will remain committed to the future economic growth of the country.”

“As the country progresses with its major economic reforms, HSBC is well positioned to support the growing business and investment opportunities through connecting Egypt with the international investors and key trading countries around the world” added Elhedery.

HSBC Bank Egypt is one of the largest multinational banks operating in Egypt for over 35 years, providing a comprehensive range of banking and related financial services through a network of more than 65 branches and outlets in prominent cities across the country.

Contributing to the community

As a part of its ongoing support to Egypt, HSBC regularly invests in community projects across urban and rural areas. Recently, for HSBC’s 150th year celebrations, HSBC Bank Egypt collaborated with a leading NGO, Misr El Kheir (MEK) to build and equip 350 community schools in remote villages and hamlets that are deprived of educational services. This project will benefit more than 12,000 students and employ 700 facilitators/teachers throughout Egypt.

During their visit, the regional management team of HSBC took part in a “back to school” activity, to help students start the new academic year on a positive note. This activity included packing all necessary school items and stationery required for the duration of the academic year for 350 students. HSBC Bank Egypt’s staff volunteers from branches will distribute the packs to students on the first day of school.

“Currently, a total of 3750 students are enrolled for the academic year 2017-2018 in a total of 125 constructed and operated community schools in 110 villages across Egypt that have been exclusively funded by HSBC. We look forward to seeing these students achieve great things this year,” said Jacques-Emmanuel Blanchet, Deputy Chairman and CEO of HSBC Bank Egypt.