Lock&Stock App Makes UAE Debut

  • A first-of-its-kind for UAE
  • App rewards college students for not using their mobile devices in class
Lock&Stock screen (PRNewsfoto/Lock&Stock)

DUBAI, UAE: PRNewswire: Lock&Stock, a mobile application aimed at enriching the education experience for students, was launched today in the UAE as a free download on the Android platform and will shortly be available for download on the iOS platform. At the time of launch, Lock&Stock is available at more than a hundred colleges and universities in the UAE, covering over 120,000 students.

The app, which was conceptualized by UAE-based Craig Fernandes and Ian Fernandes, is designed to work within university campuses and switches off student’s social media feeds allowing them to concentrate during class. The more time spent offline and disconnected allows students to accumulate points which can then be redeemed at partner outlets.

Speaking about Lock&Stock, Craig Fernandes, co-founder and CEO of the company, said: “Social media sites have become such an integral part of our lives that millions of people are finding it hard to stay disconnected. This problem is especially evident in our classrooms. Through Lock&Stock, we aim to provide students with a positive incentive to put their phones away and actually pay attention. We hope that this will lead to improved attendance levels and better academic performances among students in the UAE.”

“The app is in line with the UAE government’s vision on developing the education sector in accordance with the latest world standards to make its education system one of the best educational systems in the world by 2021,” added co-founder Ian Fernandes.

How Lock&Stock works? 

When students enter the classroom, they open Lock&Stock and lock their phones (from within the app). This blocks the users’ notifications (from all social media platforms). The longer a user’s phone is locked, the more points he or she earns. To prevent non-students from using

the app, Lock&Stock is programmed to only work on college and university campuses. Users can then redeem their points for offers and promotions from Lock&Stock’s partners.

Lock&Stock, which provides a first-of-its-kind service for the UAE, has already teamed up with more than 50 partner brands, spread across the fashion, food, entertainment and wellness industries, all of whom will be offering tailor-made discounts which will be targeted at students on the Lock&Stock platform.

Although there is a plethora of discount marketing options available in the UAE, Lock&Stock is unique because it not only provides its partners with a platform to target the coveted student demographic, but also is a force for educational improvement.

About Lock&Stock:

Lock&Stock was co-founded by UAE-based Craig and Ian Fernandes with a clear mission to enrich the educational experience by rewarding students for attending and not using their mobile devices during class thus helping them to concentrate and be more productive. Its founders hope that this will lead to improved attendance levels and higher average test scores among students here in the UAE.

Lock&Stock is a free application that is available for download on the iOS and Android platforms.