ICBA, Zayed University sign agreement on research and training cooperation

Professor Reyadh AlMehaideb, Vice President of Zayed University, signs MoU with Dr. Ismahane Elouafi, Director General of ICBA

Dubai, UAE: The International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) and Zayed University signed a memorandum of understanding to boost research and training collaboration.

During a ceremony to sign the memorandum with Professor Reyadh AlMehaideb, Vice President of Zayed University, Dr. Ismahane Elouafi, Director General of ICBA, said: “We are very pleased to sign this memorandum with Zayed University, which is one of the leading education providers in the UAE. We are confident that this collaboration will serve as a platform for knowledge sharing as Zayed University students and researchers will have opportunities to work together with ICBA scientists and carry out research at ICBA’s unique facilities and the university’s unique setting.”

The memorandum provides a framework for cooperation for three years in such areas as research, training and outreach on subjects related to sustainable development in the UAE.

Speaking at the ceremony, Professor Reyadh AlMehaideb, Vice President of Zayed University, said: “As part of this collaboration, students from Zayed University will be able to attend training events and do internships at ICBA. Moreover, ICBA will avail its facilities to Zayed University faculty and student researchers to carry out joint research activities.” Professor AlMehaideb pointed out that the MoU will strengthen collaboration in research focused on sustainability, health and nutrition. “With ICBA’s extensive research experience and Zayed University’s educational capacities, we expect this collaboration to reap significant benefits to society,” he said.

For his part, Dr. Fares Howari, Acting Dean, College of Natural and Health Sciences, Zayed University, said: “We are excited about this cooperation which will open avenues to develop joint research programs that focus on agriculture in marginal areas, salinity management, the proper use of saline water in irrigating certain crops that can be used for animal feed and biofuels; our college is developing a master’s program based on our successful bachelor’s programs in Environmental Sciences and Nutrition & Public Health that addresses some aspects of these issues and having ICBA as a partner is really important to us.”

The research component will be focused on addressing the challenges of sustainable development in the UAE. Scientists from ICBA and Zayed University will jointly conduct mutually beneficial studies.

The memorandum is in line with ICBA’s continued efforts to broaden impact of its research and share knowledge. It is hoped that the memorandum will contribute to enhancing research potential of students at Zayed University.

About ICBA:

The International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) is an international, non-profit research-for-development organization that aims to strengthen agricultural productivity in marginal and saline environments through identifying, testing and facilitating access to sustainable solutions for food, nutrition and income security.

About Zayed University:

Zayed University is a national and regional leader in educational innovation and change. It has created and implemented a skills-rich, outcome-based general education program that systemically develops student skills, knowledge, and values associated with liberal learning and provides a solid foundation for pursuit of disciplinary majors and future careers. Zayed University welcomes national and international students, and provides them with a high quality education, offered by seasoned teaching scholars to prepare them to shape the future of the United Arab Emirates.