Indoor air quality paramount especially with spectre of new COVID-19 strain, says Hitches & Glitches


Leading UAE home maintenance company reiterates the need for comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of A/C units and ventilation systems

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Dubai-based smart and green maintenance specialist Hitches & Glitches (H&G), part of the Farnek Group, has repeated the need to adhere to all COVID-19 precautionary measures and ensure indoor air quality in the home and office to combat the spread of COVID-19.

With the announcement in December that the UAE had detected a limited number of cases of the new strain of COVID-19, Hitches & Glitches Director, Kelvin Vargheese has reiterated the need for SME’s to clean and disinfect their office air ducts, A/C and ventilation systems and encouraged residents to maintain A/C units at home.

He said: “The importance of proper maintenance of HVAC systems is of the utmost importance, particularly with the tremendous steps being made by the Government and all residents of the UAE to stop the spread of COVID-19.  

“We have seen an increase in people spending extended periods of time at home as a result of home schooling, so ensuring the health of A/C units is vital. It is also imperative within the office space as employers reassure staff it is safe to return to work.

“We know that the virus can remain airborne therefore by ensuring units are clean and working efficiently the high levels of filtration and ventilation will significantly help reduce the spread. Having regularly cleaned ducts and A/C units can also help reduce the symptoms of more common ailments such as asthma, skin irritations, and itchy eyes, nose and throat,” he added.

Hitches & Glitches engineers undertake a detailed assessment of all equipment to ensure there are no issues. The water and air distribution systems are checked for leaks and cleaned to ensure dirt and dust has not accumulated. In a similar vein, all mould and other fungal growth on A/C coils, inside casings, as well as the ceilings within the office or home are cleaned.  

All air systems should be clear of any debris and control valves and actuators should be working at full capacity, while all seals are checked to ensure they are intact. Drive belts and fans should also be checked to ensure they are working correctly. 

“The importance of proper maintenance goes beyond preventing the spread of infections. The cost implications of a poorly working system can add up – an AC unit will lose 5% of its overall efficiency, every year it goes without proper professional maintenance,” said Vargheese.

“In contrast a system operating at peak efficiency can cut monthly energy costs by up to 25% and effectively double the life span,” he added.

Hitches & Glitches is a member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and has a wealth of experience in HVAC having worked with partners in a wide range of sectors including healthcare, education, tourism, and aviation, and residential. Clients include Nestle, Dubai Duty Free, Emirates Flight Catering, Etihad, and Radisson Blu Hotel Apartments, amongst others. 

About Hitches and Glitches:

Hitches & Glitches is a technology-led office and home maintenance business, and its vision statement is to become the ultimate provider of sustainable and technology-driven home maintenance services throughout the UAE. It strives to deliver excellence in home maintenance services with a focus on quality, value and sustainable best practice while being led by innovative technology, which exceeds the expectations of our customers.