Take the Plunge at Alliance Française Abu Dhabi’s Bespoke Swimming Classes for Children


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Alliance Française Abu Dhabi is partnering with Club France Natation to extend swimming lessons for both beginner and intermediate children from 4 months to 15 years of age. 

As active learning experiences unfold, explore natation techniques from the fundamentals to advanced lessons taught by French and English-speaking instructors and lifeguards, with rates starting from AED 800 only.

Revel with options to train on your choice of either scheduled group classes or private classes tailored for your time convenience. With each session lasting for up to 45 minutes, young students will be well-attended as there will only be five students per class. Dive into a 10-session course for a once-a-week schedule, or soak up for the 20-session program and choose a preferred day twice-a-week class. Students may also indulge in a one-on-one tutorial for 12-sessions with a schedule based on your availability and of the lifeguard.

Pack your swimming gears and enroll in exhilarating pool activities all the while having fun! 

About Alliance Française Abu Dhabi:

The Alliance Française Abu Dhabi is an association opened to culture and civilizations, with a presence in five continents. It is the largest linguistic and cultural multinational in the world, the mission of which is to open up the borders of French language and culture, with respect for the diversity of local cultures.

The Alliance Française of Abu Dhabi started its activity in 1974. It is presided over by Mr. Sultan Al Hajji and his board of directors is made up of individuals working on a voluntary basis.

The director of the Alliance Française is responsible for applying the major strategic lines of action defined by the board.
The Alliance Française of Abu Dhabi and its subsidiary of Al Ain, operate as an association, with the French Embassy maintaining responsibility.

The Alliance Française Foundation was created in 2007 to coordinate and support the action of establishments operating under the heading “Alliance Française”.

It is also the moral and legal reference of the network of alliances, advising them where necessary and supporting them in training their staff. Please visit: http://www.fondation-alliancefr.org

The first mission of the foundation is to contribute towards increasing France’s intellectual and moral influence by developing use of the French language and favouring exchanges between French speaking cultures and others.

The Alliance Française Foundation is the primary partner of cultural French diplomacy.
It completes and extends the actions of public cultural centres. In the context of the foreign cultural policy reform, initiated by Bernard Kouchner, a partnership agreement was ratified on 1 October 2010 which will enable shared actions between the Ministry and the network to be intensified.

The network has a presence in 136 countries with 832 Alliances Françaises and welcomes nearly 500,000 students throughout the world.