Inscape Education Management, a Multi-Disciplinary Creativity and Design Institution, Offers UAE Residents Industry-Developed Design Courses


Develop Professional-Grade Skills Within Graphic, Fashion, or Interior Design with Inscape’s Online & Offline Accredited and Skills Training Learning Programs

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Become an expert in the world of design with Dubai’s latest education group, Inscape Education Management. Situated in the Dubai Design District, a design hub which hosts several annual fashion and design festivals and is home to a multitude of creative houses, Inscape is a design training institute specialising in skills training within the design, creative, and commercial professions. 

Hailing from South Africa, Inscape has presented excellence in education by design for more than three decades, a key factor to the company’s recent expansion to the UAE. At the hands of its qualified professionals, Inscape has carefully crafted all of its courses to fit the demands of its students in a continuously developing industry and strives to facilitate holistic learning to help individuals develop their full potential when it comes to the creative arts and design.

Inscape’s unique training style aims specifically at training individuals in problem-solving through design thinking methodologies; enabling them to process and generate real-life solutions with confidence.  Training not only takes place after working hours, providing working professionals with an opportunity to acquire new skills when it suits them, earning while learning for immediate impact within the workplace, Inscape also offers morning and afternoon schedules to suit all those who want to step into the exciting world of design and creativity.  

The institution boasts of modern, fully-equipped studios to provide students with a stimulating learning environment, hosting a variety of resources required to complete their learning. To provide students with the most personalized learning experience, the institution enforces a faculty-to-student ratio of 1:10 at most and uses real-world training and projects for students to apply what they have learned within and beyond the classroom walls. In parallel, Inscape offers a blended learning experience via virtual and on-campus classes for a majority of its courses. 

Inscape’s variety of subjects focus on a range of design aspects across digital, fashion, interior design, and communication. Individuals who wish to study these design concentrations can select to participate in short courses, certificate courses, masterclasses and software training; ranging from 3 to 6 sessions or 4 to 10 weeks.

The institution’s flagship programmes include its 10-week certificate courses in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design as well as its Advanced Certificate in the Business of Design. The certificate courses are offered at a fundamental (level 1) or advanced (level 2) learning option to ensure students are equipped with the necessary skills and training to excel.

Flagship courses include:

Certificate in Fashion Design – Level 1 and Level 2

Enter the exciting world of dressmaking. Learn the process of basic pattern drafting, by starting with blocks drafted to fit your body shape and size. Students are introduced to basic sewing techniques by constructing a shell blouse, fitted pencil skirts and shift dresses. Learn all about styles and trends as well as a basic introduction to fabric types. You will follow an exciting self-study in industry exposure and create a basic portfolio. 

Advanced students learn to analyse a real-world client for whom students will be expected to draft patterns and design a capsule fashion range. Students will be required to hone their sewing skills depending on the complexity of their pieces. Students are introduced to advanced fabric manipulation (draping), advanced patternmaking and sewing, and fashion styling.

Certificate in Interior Design – Level 1 and Level 2

Explore the elements and principles of design, client and space analysis, colour theory, colour schemes and interior application, drawing and reading plans, elevations, and perspectives. Creating mood, sample and style boards, space planning and layouts. Learn software such as CAD for interiors, as well as explore various material choices and applications on various surfaces, students will participate in self-study for industry exposure and create a basic portfolio.

Advanced students complete and manage an interior design project from start to finish.  Engage with client analysis and briefing, along with the basic project management for interior design. Students learn to present their designs digitally, utilising creative techniques for perspective drawing and project presentation.  Learn about professional practice management with specific reference to permits and permissions linked to Dubai laws.

Certificate in Graphic Design – Level 1 and Level 2

Learn the fundamentals of graphic design with an exciting drawing and creativity boot camp, no prior drawing or art experience is required. Learn to illustrate and manipulate imagery with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator apps, which you will use to create projects such as wallpaper for mobile devices.  Students complete the course with a basic portfolio highlighting the new skills and capabilities.

Advanced students learn Adobe InDesign, building magazine spreads, and an eBook which integrates handcrafted art and design with Adobe apps such as Photoshop and Illustrator practised in level 1. 


The South African Inscape was established in 1981, as a multidisciplinary creative arts institution. Much like the meaning of ‘inscape’, a term coined by Victorian poet Gerald Manley Hopkins, the company aims to unfold the unique essence or inner nature of its students through its industry developed courses. The culture at Inscape was built on a value system that encourages quality, authenticity, and relationships, all of which are reflected throughout the institution by continuously delivering on quality products and services, remaining genuine in its actions, and building on existing and extending connections amongst staff, students, alumni, and the industry. Through its various programs and its recent global expansion, Inscape hopes to become a household brand, achieve global awareness, and promote an Inscape culture that recognizes the potential of individuals and its students.

Inscape Education Management leadership includes Chief Executive Officer, Helen Buhrs and Chief Financial Officer, Kevin Cromhout, while Mornay Schoeman serves as the Campus Director for Inscape Education Management. 

The talented staff and students of Inscape have made the company one of South Africa’s leading design institutions and have made it possible for it to expand across the globe to Dubai.

About Inscape:

Established in 1981 by Harry Edmonds and Cherry Whitehead, Inscape Education Group is the oldest privately owned multi-disciplinary creative arts institution in South Africa. Inscape Education Group has been offering excellence in education, by design for more than three decades, but Inscape Education Group never forgets that the reason for our existence is our people. This institution offers a variety of programs ranging from six-month courses to accredited and registered postgraduate programs for individuals seeking to develop and enhance their creative drive.