Julie Rammal Brings Holistic Health Care Approach to Lebanon


Beirut, Lebanon: Julie Rammal, the renowned Arab celebrity fitness trainer, and founder of the holistic fitness movement and owner of the world’s first holistic fitness DVD: in light of change introduced the region’s first Holistic Care practice to achieve personal fitness goals while balancing the body, mind and soul through an innovative intelligent and therapeutic fitness practice. The event took place on Tuesday July 4th at Virgin Megastore Opera Branch, in the presence of media representatives and social media influencers.

An integrated holistic health care approach treats the body as a “whole” entity, and does not only concentrate on specific symptoms and diseases. Mind, soul and body are all integrated together and approached as inseparable. Julie Rammal’s holistic health technique does more than solely identify and treat a specific disease or emotional problem; it examines the various aspects of one’s lifestyle and health issues, and then designs a course of treatment steps to help them reach the optimum level of body and soul wellness in an era where our technological mobility is restricting our bodies’ physical mobility.

Julie Rammal’s expertise lies in training the body, mind and soul from within, and working with the deepest sheath layers to get the utmost balanced, toned and beautiful physique and morale. Through Holistic Training, Julie Rammal has helped numerous VIPs, celebrities clients worldwide re-connect with themselves, find happiness, lose weight, and improve and enlighten their lives. She has taught, and continues to teach, people the power of their own body to empower their lives by re-connecting back with themselves.

Commenting on the event Julie Rammal said “I always teach my clients that the body must be respected and honoured. It should be understood rather than abused, but rather hand know that “when your body and mind are connected you can achiever miracles.”  Once my clients succeed through training and understanding their own body, mind, and soul they can manifest their dream life, ambitions and empower their journey in life.

She added: “Our bodies possess incredible memory that dates back to origin of life. When I demonstrate the exercises, a client’s body will be trained in a manner that enables it to register and copy hose memories, where then their bodily cells would re-connect to the movements after various training sessions. This evolves as quickly as in 3 sessions and results are phenomenal. It definitely is the beginning of a new era that will help people heal.”

Holistic health is not only concerned with the absence of disease, but with a positive state of being. The holistic approach combines the wisdom, traditions and disciplines of Eastern healing arts with the advances of modern Western medicine to achieve this ideal form of practice.

About Julie Ramal – JSport:

Julie Rammal, the founder of is a Holistic Personal Trainer who was inspired to begin her fitness career in 1997. Having trained numerous celebrities worldwide, she is widely known for her holistic approach towards understanding and assisting the body and mind, in just three energy-fuelled sessions.

JSport provides online and in person expert holistic sessions and consultations in: Ayurveda, alternative and complementary medicine, anti-aging, personal training, Pilates, yoga, fitness, detox, nutrition, weight loss, movement therapy, sound and crystal therapy and more. Its latest innovations are privately organized retreats for VIPs with Julie, Julie’s Fitness DVDs, new YouTube channel.