KRISPR accepted to MBRIF Accelerator Program


**MBRIF to support Krispr to drive their innovations forward within the UAE**

Krispr, the Dubai-based indoor vertical farming start-up, was recently accepted into the September 2021 cohort of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund’s (MBRIF) Accelerator Program. 

The Accelerator Program is a springboard for start-ups at various stages of their growth, supporting and guiding them in taking their innovations and ideas forward. This includes assistance with business model validation, access to new markets and potential investors, among others. 2021’s cohort of 23 companies was the largest to date and was selected from a local and international pool of 150 applicants. 

Krispr was founded with a vision of helping transform agriculture by bringing together the best elements of plant science and technology to sustainably grow pesticide-free, nutritious produce indoors. In the UAE, where more than 80% of food is imported, food security has become a key initiative for the government, with the National Food Security Strategy 2051 defining an increase in agricultural food production as a key pillar. Krispr’s range of Greens are sustainably grown indoors, using a fraction of the land and water requirements of a traditional farm. Produce can be harvested daily to ensure optimal freshness, flavour and peak nutrition.

Krispr’s Founder Khadija Hasan explains, “the post-Covid 19 environment has clearly demonstrated the need for localised supply chains, especially for essential goods and services. Krispr is committed to supporting the GCC’s push towards food security”. 


Krispr is leading the way in transforming agriculture and reversing nutritional decline, by bringing together the best elements of science and technology to the cultivation of nutritious, fresh, beyond organic quality food. The brand is tackling the GCC region’s food security challenges head-on by building a movement for better agriculture, helping to transform food production and reverse nutritional decline without damaging the planet.