Mai Dubai becomes official partner of Lebanese basketball superstar Fadi El Khatib’s Champs UAE sports complex


Leading bottled water brand in the UAE to keep players hydrated and healthy

Mai Dubai, the leading bottled water company in the UAE, has become the exclusive hydration partner of Champs UAE, a multipurpose sports complex founded by Lebanese basketball legend Fadi El Khatib. As a result of the collaboration, Mai Dubai will be the sole bottled water brand supplied at Champs UAE.

The partnership signifies Mai Dubai’s commitment to helping train promising young talents in the UAE to showcase the athletic potential of the region as inspired by El Khatib, who is widely known as the “Lebanese Tiger” for his achievements.

Alexander van ‘t Riet, CEO of Mai Dubai, said: “Mai Dubai is delighted to expand its services to our athletes at Champs UAE, in line with our mission to promote healthy hydration. Through our partnerships with athletes and several sporting events, we are also able to reach out to our community members and encourage them to maintain their physical fitness and adopt a healthy lifestyle. In just a short period of time, Mai Dubai continues to gain a preferential status as the drinking water brand in the sporting community.”

“El Khatib has served as an inspiration to many in the UAE, setting an example to promising athletes in the UAE and abroad and help them achieve their goals. At Mai Dubai, we promote an active lifestyle through collaboration, and we are committed to keep engaging inspiring role models who share our goals. We look forward to working directly with El Khatib as he trains many more aspiring athletes,” – van ‘t Riet further added.

Encouraging a healthy and active culture in the region, Mai Dubai has provided its services during key global sports events in the nation. It is also keen on spreading awareness on the importance of drinking water for athletes to maintain their peak performance and overall health, as well as to prevent injury.

Fadi El Khatib, Founder & CEO of Champs Sports Club said: “I am genuinely excited about this partnership with Mai Dubai, a brand with local reputation in health and wellness, which will help to ensure that the central goals of Champs are not only met but enhanced. It will allow to reach out to more kids & adults, encouraging them to take up a healthier lifestyle.

“We will keep educating the community into sport in general and youth development in particular and thus promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and to attract and sustain the potential sporting stars of tomorrow.” El Khatib added.

Mai Dubai has also made exemplary efforts in terms of sustainability and is currently the only beverage company that runs solely on solar energy. Specifically, the bottled water brand has designed its operations to run on clean and renewable energy. It also maintains a recycling drive for its plastic bottles and regularly measures its carbon footprint.