Statement by Alexander van ’t Riet, CEO, Mai Dubai on “World Earth Day 2022”


“Each year we commemorate World Earth Day in solidarity with the environment. This day serves as a reminder for us to preserve the world and by extension, protect our health, family, and livelihood. The theme for this year, ‘Invest in our planet’, is also a call to action that the UAE is actively responding to by promoting various sustainability initiatives. The country’s success in these endeavours is evident from its significant achievements, of which there are many. Mai Dubai has always been at the forefront when it comes to adopting sustainable measures. We wish to ensure that future generations can enjoy the same privileges we have today. It is with this mission in mind that we consistently take concrete steps toward reducing our carbon dioxide emissions. In the past two years, our company has witnessed net-zero consumption, owing to our solar panel installations. This World Earth Day, Mai Dubai reaffirms its commitment to sustainable innovation and vows to continue investing in more eco-friendly methods that will stand to benefit the environment, and the people in it.”