Mai Dubai Statement on World Water Day 2022


Statement by: Alexander van ‘t Riet, CEO of Mai Dubai on World Water Day 2022

Every year since 1993, World Water Day is observed to raise awareness about the challenges of the two billion people in the world without access to clean and safe water. Challenges posed by climatic and environmental conditions contribute to some of the biggest threats to water resources. We, as a leading bottled water brand in the United Arab Emirates, commend the national government on launching the UAE Water Security Strategy 2036, to address the issues caused by these evolving changes.

Mai Dubai has continually emphasised the importance of access to safe drinking water. This World Water Day, we extend our support to a sustainable production model that protects the environment and conserves natural resources. Having achieved net-zero energy consumption and reducing our overall carbon footprint for the second consecutive year, Mai Dubai utilises the latest innovations and technologies to operate in an eco-conscious way and develop responsible business practices, in an effort to serve clean and high-quality water to the residents of the UAE.