Matific UAE data reveals an impressive 60% of all the maths activities played are student-led


The findings shed light on the effectiveness of the Matific Platform in mathematics education, highlighting a remarkable growth in students’ enthusiasm for learning maths on the platform.

Dubai, UAE Matific, a leading provider of interactive mathematics resources for students and a multiple award-winning global math platform, has released key insights from a comprehensive analysis of data collected through the Matific platform. The findings shed light on various aspects of mathematics education, highlighting both achievements and areas for improvement, while showcasing the significant impact of Matific’s online tools on student engagement and academic performance. 

The UAE’s ed-tech industry has witnessed significant growth and innovation in recent years, with the government initiatives focusing on enhancing education outcomes by leveraging technology. With the onset of Covid-19 pandemic, UAE was quick to adapt and implement online education on a large scale. 

Digital technologies, such as gamification, and artificial intelligence (AI), are improving processes for learners and teachers alike. In the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, the EdTech sector is projected to be worth AED 26 billion ($7 billion) by 2027, demonstrating the growing significance of technology in education.

Platform Data Highlights:

  • High level of student engagement: An impressive 60% of all maths activities played were student-led, surpassing the global average of 44%.   This reflects a strong passion for learning mathematics independently and showcases the effectiveness of interactive learning platforms in fostering student engagement and self-directed learning. 
  • Improvement in understanding complex concepts: Achieving up to a 64% score improvement, students showcased remarkable growth in their grasp of complex maths concepts. Notably, younger years made significant strides in 2-D and 3-D geometric shapes, fractions, and place value, while older years made progress in polygons, solids, surface area and volume, graphic and statistical representations, coordinate geometry, fractions, ratio, and proportions.
  • Increased adoption of technology by teachers: Primary school teachers in the UAE who embrace technology assign an impressive average of 71 mathematics activities per month, surpassing the global average of 40. This showcases the potential of well-trained teachers to leverage online tools effectively within the classroom environment.
  • Time spent on learning Mathematics: While students in the UAE currently spend 21% less time learning maths compared to the global average, this presents a promising opportunity to bridge the gap by embracing digital resources.
  • Performance disparity across grades: The average score of K-2 students is comparable to, if not higher than, the global average. However, there is room for further growth as the average score begins to decline as they progress through grades.

Craig Shotland, CEO, Matific, commented “These findings unveil a remarkable paradigm shift in mathematics education and highlight the need for a progressive approach, particularly in leveraging technology to bridge the performance gap among students. Comprehensive resources and interactive activities provide an engaging and effective pathway to enhance mathematics instruction. This is a groundbreaking opportunity to equip students with the necessary skills and nurture their mathematical potential in an increasingly digital world. This data is a testament to the power of innovative e-learning platforms like Matific in transforming the educational landscape.”

Matific serves as an invaluable teaching tool, allowing teachers to dedicate more time to their students. Developed by curriculum experts, the platform offers a blended learning experience that grants access to game-based mathematics activities, workbooks, and teaching guides. In addition to supporting 40 different languages, the platform offers localised educational content in multiple Arabic dialects, tailoring the learning experience to students in each Gulf country. Moreover, it covers the local curricula of over 50 countries, including the UAE’s national curriculum (MoE), the British Curriculum, and the American Curriculum. Matific is also designed to accommodate different teaching approaches and cater to diverse student learning styles.

The insights in Matific’s data offer valuable feedback that can benefit both UAE public and private schools. This feedback serves as a foundation for continuous improvement and presents an opportunity to further enhance mathematics education in the country. The data findings can inform policymakers and educational institutions in making informed decisions regarding curriculum development, resource allocation, and the professional training of teachers.

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The data encompassed a significant sample size of over 100,000 students and 5,000 teachers.

About Matific:

Matific is an Australian award-winning mathematics educational technology company with products available in over 120 countries and in over 40 languages.

Matific was founded in 2012 by global experts in mathematics education and computer science. Since then, Matific has helped millions of students across the world to develop a deep conceptual understanding of mathematics through effective pedagogy and engaging resources. Matific is also available for parents to sign up their kids, and it keeps them informed about their child’s progress, empowering them to actively engage in their learning process.

As a global leader in curriculum-aligned digital mathematics resources for K-8, Matific has proven experience in working with educators and Ministries of Education worldwide to implement Matific to enhance classroom instruction and distance education.

About the Matific Platform:

Matific is a comprehensive digital mathematics resource for primary learners. It combines a repository of thousands of interactive activities, worksheets, workshops, and assessments with a comprehensive educator’s interface providing multiple differentiation tools, rigorous reporting, and in-class instructional tools. 

Matific provides comprehensive reporting and analytics, as well as the ability to provide fully tailored curriculum and textbook alignment, platform translation, as well as customized integration solutions and content creation. It is the perfect solution for building mathematical capabilities in learners and empowering educators.

Matific’s core strength is our pedagogical principles developed by the Matific Academic Board. The Academic Board consists of world experts in mathematics, computer science, education and child development, including leading researchers from Berkeley, Harvard, Stanford and the Einstein Institute. The role of the Academic Board is to ensure the pedagogical excellence of Matific’s mathematics activities is in consonance with up-to-date research in education and child development.