Najm declares readiness to launch field operations for Hajj season 1442 H


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Najm for Insurance Services announced the completion of its preparations to serve the pilgrims and ensure the highest level of traffic safety during the Hajj season of 1442 H. The steps come within Najm’s plan aiming to facilitate the performance of Hajj rituals to ensure a peaceful spiritual experience for pilgrims from the moment they arrive at the holy city of Makkah until their return to their cities.

Najm CEO Dr. Mohammad AlSuliman said “We have successfully completed all the necessary preparations to conduct field operations around the clock throughout all the days of the Hajj season. A fleet, comprising of several cars and motorcycles, has been assigned to serve the holy sites. Najm has also developed and launched a number of applications to facilitate surveyors reach the accident site within the shortest time after receiving the request, and assigned a crew of qualified experts to handle accident calls. We have harnessed all our capabilities utilizing high-efficiency digital systems to serve the pilgrims, joining our efforts with the already existing competent staff in the traffic department deployed at the holy sites. Additionally, we maintained the highest precautionary measures to ensure top service quality, adhering to health guidelines and standards of professionalism. We also integrated our efforts with all relevant authorities, mainly the General Department of Traffic, which has undertaken huge efforts to enhance the safety of roads leading to the holy sites in Makkah and Madinah, aiming to achieve the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030’s Doyof Al Rahman Program which aims to enrich the Hajj experience.”

AlSuliman indicated that “Najm has allocated two accommodation headquarters, in addition to two centers for receiving accident reports, and one guidance and control system.” 

Najm will be handling accidents in Mina, Arafa, Muzdalifah, in addition to the surrounding vicinities of Al-Aziziyah, Ash Shara’i, Al Shesha, Al Rawda, Al Rashidiya, Al Mughamis, Al Mu’aisem, Al Aseelah, Al Khadra, and Ja’arana. Najm has also dedicated a set of applications and digital systems for pilgrims, including: Accident Reporting App, Reports Receiving system, IVR system, WhatsApp, Control and Guidance system, Accident Management App, and the Driver ID Verification devices.