Andromeda Ceiling Lamp by SICIS


SICIS is constantly challenging and developing designs that regain strength within the world of design and mosaic. There is a lot of SICIS inside every piece, from the choice of materials to the invention; each has storytelling behind the thought and execution of geometries, intricate motifs or even soft sinuous curves.

SICIS lamps are an element that has the extraordinary ability to attract attention as an object on its own and which integrates and completes the environment when taken as a whole. One-of-a-kind Andromeda ceiling lamp is a versatile and fascinating lamp with a fresh, contemporary twist. Combining embellished glass with precious metals discs in circular shapes, the product brings the play of different nuances in gradation to the SICIS’ Home collection.

The ceiling lamp consists of brass with a champagne finish and the decorative glass discs in three different bronzed or smoky finishes. 

SICIS products made with love, to love.

SICIS & EXPO 2020 Dubai:

Founded in Milan in 1987 by a visionary spirit Maurizio Leo Placuzzi, SICIS became an undisputed leader worldwide in luxury interior design, furniture and mosaic art.

With more than 30 years of constant evolution, SICIS is continuing to write its history with insightful resourcefulness and innovative drive, combined with a passion for ancient art tied to Italian craftsmanship, techniques and production methods.

The immersive portfolio of SICIS has been formed from the projects as Burj Al Arab in Dubai, Bellagio and Wynn hotels in Las Vegas, the highest residential Tower in Manhattan and more. 

As a Platinum Sponsor at the EXPO 2020 Dubai, SICIS is looking forward to welcoming the guests under the slogan of the Italian pavilion – “Beauty Connects People”.