Najm launches WhatsApp for streamlined customer service Aims for more inclusiveness, operational optimization in auto insurance


KSA, Riyadh: Najm for Insurance Services announced that it has activated the WhatsApp service for its customers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as of March 26, 2021, in a step anticipated to maximize operational efficiencies and advance customer service. 

Through the WhatsApp-enabled solution, users can access Najm’s accident reporting service using their personal WhatsApp accounts where they will be connected to Najm’s Chat bot. The automated-response system will help users report accidents in less than two minutes and benefit from WhatsApp’s location sharing service, helping surveyors more accurately and precisely pinpoint the accident location. The lineup of services accessible through WhatsApp will gradually be expanded to include the whole range of automated services, enabling users to register complaints, submit inquiries, and access all kinds of services already offered through Najm’s digital platforms. 

Najm stated that WhatsApp has become the communication solution of choice for billions of users worldwide. The platform offers Najm a unique opportunity to enhance the inclusiveness of its services, helping it extend its reach across the Kingdom. “Najm is working on enhancing the experience of motorists with insurance services, capitalizing on our developing digital capacities and the latest technologies in customer service, in line with the best global practices.”

 Najm also indicated that expanding the scope of digital customer-centric services – which currently stands at 95% of all services – is a cornerstone of Najm’s BASE strategy and is congruent with Saudi Vision 2030 in terms of accelerating transformation towards a digital society. 

Najm further added that its future plan is to upgrade to the Business Intelligence (BI) bot, which can turn raw data from the exchanged chats with customers into valuable statistical analysis that can be used to further improve operations. In parallel, Najm also plans to establish a centralized customer service department for all auto insurance companies. 

Through its position at the epicenter of the Saudi auto insurance value chain, Najm is adamant on supporting insurers through delivering digitalized solutions, enabling them to engage their customers and stay connected to them round the clock. 

Najm’s newly-founded Data Center in Riyadh has recently received a Tier III certification from global leader Uptime Institute, in a clear international recognition of its efforts to promote the customer journey using the latest technologies.

Through BASE strategy, Najm reaffirms its commitment to enhancing the performance of the auto insurance industry, investing in digitalization to increase customer engagement, and better position the sector as a contributor to the national economy through driving higher insurance penetration and enhanced profitability.