Dubai, UAE: Zulekha Hospital launches yet another community initiative – “EAT PLAY LAUGH” (EPL) that calls for holistic well-being in partnership with like-minded people and organizations. The healthcare provider has always been a harbinger of healthy lifestyle initiatives, and EPL is one more community drive that aims to encourage and inspire healthy eating habits, fitness regimes, and mental wellness with a joyful approach to life. 

In a recent study* done by University of Sharjah, Zayed University and the United Arab Emirates University, 36 per cent of the respondents reported increased stress due to work, home or financial matters during the pandemic. However, we also see that majority of the residents are also well aware and engage in activities that help their wellbeing. The spirit of good health and good life is encouraged by every organization and authority in the country, which is inspired by the government’s efforts in ensuring a safe and respectable life for one and all in the UAE. 

Zanubia Shams, Co-Chairperson of Zulekha Hospitals, says: “The world has been shaken and individual lives impacted beyond expectations over the last year. While we bounce back with our daily routine, our financial affairs, our commitments and more, we also need to stop and take a few minutes out to help our bodies heal each day with healthy foods, happy moments with our kin and activities that keep our minds positive.” 

Managing Director Taher Shams adds, “We have seen an increase in the number of our Phycology and Psychiatric patients over the last two years with an average of 450 patients a month. We have been extending online webinar sessions to corporates where our mental health experts and nutritionists educate the audience on mental wellbeing and healthy eating habits.”

“The motive of our campaign EPL is to draw the attention of individuals to the lifestyle diseases and importance of preventing these with minimal effort. The need of the hour is self-care, as socializing has been a challenge in the present world. Let’s echo the message that we must eat healthy, stay fit by including a daily workout, and stay stress free.”

In the first phase, Zulekha Hospital is encouraging individuals to take part in the 30-second challenge showcasing any of their health routines and nominate at least three dear friends to continue the same chain of this positive challenge. This 30-second activity may be any one from eating a healthy food item, doing any kind of exercise or a simple positive message. Participants will post the same on their social media channels and join the effort of spreading this message. 

With time and opening of external events, the organization looks forward to host fitness, mental wellness and nutrition events in association with other firms and individuals in the country.  The hospital also has the ‘Happy Minds’ concept that advocates mental wellness and ‘No More Excuses’ that advocates a healthy lifestyle to prevent cardio-vascular and other lifestyle diseases.