Natali Budzei Emerges as a Prominent Entrepreneur: Founder of sustainable luxury brand BUDZY and philanthropist

Natali Budzei

Dubai: The UAE is a hub for emerging entrepreneurs and successful businesses across different sectors. Pleasures magazine had an exclusive opportunity to interview Natali Budzei, a prominent entrepreneur, lawyer, and multi-business owner, Business mentor, dream nurturer and goal grabber in the UAE. Constantly dedicated to cultivating entrepreneurs, Natali Budzei is one of the most diverse business entrepreneurs to have emerged out of the UAE to date. Gaining notoriety as an international lawyer, she has since propelled herself to a multi-business owner, philanthropist and business mentor.

This art enthusiast and yoga lover has a passion for adventure and an urge to explore every corner of the planet, on a constant journey for self-discovery and understanding. In 2014, Natali launched Gulf Art Advisory, a leading art consultancy firm that is promoting emerging artists and connecting them with galleries and collectors. The beautiful Ukrainian, who is a practising international lawyer in Dubai, is the epitome of the UAE’s entrepreneur culture. Moving to the UAE seven years ago for her MBA in International Hospitality Business, she later set up her company in 2014 and has since become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. She also runs other businesses, including BUDZY Mats, a fashionable and eco-friendly yoga mat, and Balloonsiaga, a company based on luxury balloons/flowers décor for events.

It all began when Natali visited Dubai in 2010, for a trip meant to be a short vacation in between getting her masters in International Law in Ukraine. But within an hour, she had a change of mind. Today, she owns 3 businesses and still counting.

In giving back, Natali is supporting women entrepreneurs, aiming to empower them and develop their businesses.

This initiative is targeted at women from vulnerable backgrounds with promising business ideas, by providing mentorship in the field of entrepreneurship and business development.

Natali who is a force to be reckoned with, is fierce, intelligent, inspiring and a risk taker who wandered into unfamiliar territory, only to turn it into one of the most successful small scale enterprises in the country.

About BUDZY:

Made from the highest quality of rubber, BUDZY mats are free from PVC materials, which contain dangerous chemical additives including phthalates, lead, cadmium, which can be toxic to one’s health. They are also bigger than standard mat and don’t slip.