Shift Eco, New one (and only) stop shop for eco-friendly products with 800+ products


With all that’s going on in the world, it is about time we take a step back, and rethink the choices we make. And that doesn’t have to be intimidating, proves a new venture on the block – Shift Eco! Small, easy shifts in our daily lifestyles, can together, make a big impact on being kind to our planet. And that’s why, we’re totally on board with their  curations. The brand houses multiple products under the personal care, home care, baby, stationery, food & gifting categories.

“It’s time to change the way we shop, and that doesn’t have to mean compromise!”, says Namrata Budhraja, Founder of Shift Eco. “We’re working hard to put together a product mix, that is not only good for the environment, but better than a lot of existing products on shelf, for our consumers too!”, says Sukriti Verma, the Co-Founder. Both, who are working aggressively towards a mission of a happier, healthier planet, and more so, a happier customer!  

In the personal care category, we recommend La Corvette’s Marseille Organic Donkey Milk Soap, that is a true bestseller, and has also won the Cosmebio Award. The donkey milk makes it great for sensitive skin, and is rich in vitamins & minerals. And what’s better, it comes in a plastic free, recyclable paper packaging! 

Another product worth talking about is Shirley Conlon Organics – Rosehip Oil Miracle Serum.  A signature product, adored by customers and nicknamed ‘Miracle Serum’ is super light, easily absorbed potent blend of botanicals and antioxidants to help improve the appearance of fine lines, scars, pigmentation & sun exposure. This organic serum is vegan, cruelty free and made locally in the UAE. 

In the home care category, they’re home to innovative products like Ecoegg’s Laundry Egg which replaces laundry detergent & fabric conditioners. This product is vegan and has no harmful chemicals. Rated excellent for sensitive skin by Dermatest, the Eco Egg effectively draws dirt from your clothing fibres and softens your clothes by changing the pH, leaving your laundry clean and fresh.

And then there’s a game-changing plant based, toxin-free and sustainable home cleaning brand on their portfolio – The Botanist. Made in the UAE, their products are made with olive oil and coconut oil’s natural antibacterial attributes, mixed with the powerful properties of essential oils, creating beautiful aromas that will delight your home. 

Shift Eco hosts other interesting products like plastic free, natural shampoo bars, toothpaste tablets, organic sanitary pads, organic baby and skin care products. And for the love of our homes, it has products like water saving tap aerators, water filters, re-usable products like bee’s wax wraps, steel straws, and other natural home cleaning solutions.  It has 8 environmental benefit value tags or the ‘Green Code’ as they call it, under which each of their products are carefully curated.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time Shift & do some good, eh?