New automation options for imagePRESS C10010VP Series offer advanced quality control & precise inspection


Dubai, United Arab Emirates:  Canon introduces two new advanced automation options – a Sensing Unit and an Inspection Unit – for the imagePRESS C10010VP Series digital colour press. Today’s launches further support customers in print production environments to consistently achieve the highest quality printed output, in less time and without manual operator intervention.

Boosting time efficiency by removing the need for manual calibration, the new Sensing Unit monitors front-to-back registration and colour tone before and during printing, automatically adjusting on the fly to ensure consistency with the job settings, from the first sheet to the last. This real-time adjustment, with reference to the printed media, adds to the high level of colour control on the image transfer belt offered by the Multi D.A.T technology, which is a standard feature of the imagePRESS C10010VP Series.

For customers wanting to eliminate manual inspection against certain criteria, the new Inspection Unit delivers a significant automation opportunity. The unit monitors every printed page for issues such as distortion, as well as identifying defects such as streaks and dirt on the media. Customers can choose to purge and automatically reprint faulty pages, for perfect output without compromising productivity. Alternatively, flawed pages can either be purged without reprinting, or the operator can simply receive a log of the pages which fell short of the pre-set quality benchmark.

The Inspection Unit can spot defects as small as 0.2mm diameter without impacting productivity, and the sensitivity levels can be tailored to the specific needs of each job. The operator can define up to 64 zones on each page to be checked against the inspection criteria, each with nine possible levels of sensitivity.  For example, a higher quality standard might be set for company logos, critical product images and human faces, with less stringent controls for background images.

These two new automation modules can be selected individually or in combination and are compatible with existing C10010VP Series engines. Both can be driven by either PRISMAsync or Fiery controllers.

Ayman Aly, Senior Marketing Manager at Canon Middle East commented: “Print buyers around the world demand efficient solutions that support their operations, and the imagePRESS C10010VP Series has already met their expectations and set the highest standards for quality and productivity.  The introduction of these latest developments further removes the need for any manual calibration and inspection that would require an additional investment of time, visual checks and subjective judgement.  

“We know how important efficiency is to our customers and therefore they now have the option to fully automate these inspection and calibration processes, which gives them the confidence to produce flawless prints and redeploy staff and expertise to other value-adding areas. The introduction of these new technologies gives customers the opportunity to boost their productivity and profitability, minimize costly reprints and waste, shorten job turnaround times, and focus operator skills where they add most value.

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