Successful Closing of Series 4 of the Global Wakala Trust Program

Successful Closing of Series 4 of the Global Wakala Trust Program

Doha, Qatar: Investment House, one of the leading Shariah-compliant investment banks and asset managers in Qatar, closed their fourth Global Wakala Trust Program with Inovalis SA, as manager.

Investment House and Inovalis have closed previously three series of the Wakala Trust Certificates with proceeds being invested in Paris and Malaga. The equity invested in the Global Wakala Trust Program, is currently around 40 million euros. The Program is managed by Inovalis that has achieved an 8% annual return with 5 years holding period investing in income generating office buildings in Germany, France and Spain.

Inovalis acquired EurocomSur, an office building of 7,000 m2 of office space, in the heart of the business district of Malaga. Three consulates (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Germany) and to the Government of Andalusia have offices in EurocomSur. The building comprises 7 floors of lettable area and 79 parking spaces.

“Our partnership with Inovalis reflects a winning combination between our capacity to raise funds and provide a diversification to our clients to a well thought and diligent investment process provided by Inovalis. We are delighted to see such positive deal activity during this period of time. We look forward to continuing to work with Inovalis on future transactions. This is in line with our strategy to provide investors with solid income generating assets class delivering superior returns with adjusted risk,” stated Vice President – Business Development Khalifa Bin Khalid Al-Sowaidi.

Allen Merhej, the Managing Director of Inovalis Rep Office in the GCC, commented that “we value the relationship with Investment House and we aim to continue in selecting attractive assets in France, Germany and Spain that meet our partners’ financials targets. The Wakala Trust Program has been a success with our partners.”

About the Investment House:

Established in 2001, Investment House is a regulated investment company operating under the umbrella of Qatar Central Bank, in accordance with the Shariah principles. Investment House offers Investment Banking, Asset Management and Wealth Management services and products designed for individuals and institutional investors.

About the Inovalis Group:

Founded in 1998, Inovalis is an integrated real estate services group. Specialized in the creation of real estate and financial investment funds, active in particular European markets, it operates in a logic of yield generation and value creation on behalf of public and private investors. The group currently has 12 million square meters under management worldwide, representing €7 billion of real estate and financial assets under management.