New HONOR Wearable Ideal for the Active Adventurer


HONOR GS Pro comes with Enhanced Features that Compliment Rugged Lifestyles

Riyadh: Adventurists who love hiking, trail running, and the great outdoors can rejoice with the new an all-rounder smartwatch from HONOR. Offering top navigation, integrated smart features and a long battery life, the newly released HONOR Watch GS Pro is set up for every kind of nature activity planned. This latest smartwatch is designed to be more durable, rugged and practical than ever before. Offering a 25-day long battery life, a powerful set of sensors and trackers for outdoor sports in rocket design, the HONOR Watch GS Pro is a watch users can depend on during workouts. 

The Ideal Companion for Camping Activities

When heading out to the desert or mountains for a weekend getaway, the HONOR Watch GS Pro offers a total of 40 hours in continuous GPS mode or up to 100 hours in outdoor sports GPS power-saving mode. When wandering to explore nature, it is easy to get lost,  having the HONOR Watch GS Pro with the always-on screen will help users find their way back to the tent without holding a smartphone or a physical map. Enjoy a camping trip without the fear of losing battery or the use of important features.

For hiking, the HONOR Watch GS Pro automatically records the route and provides direction by the built-in dual satellite positioning systems. Once users have reached their destination, taken a selfie or landscape shot on their smartphone, hikers can enable the route back feature and retrace steps along the original trail. After activating this feature, the HONOR Watch GS Pro will provide hikers with an alert when users deviate from the path recorded in the watch.

Intelligent All-Around Wearable for Weather Updates

The HONOR Watch GS Pro delivers an unmatched experience even when worn for 24 hours a day to monitor heart rate or to track sleep quality. The smart watch comes with an altitude barometer and compass, supporting by the orientation ring, make life easier when in the great outdoors. The wearable is capable of forecasting ambient changes to the environment and will provide alerts if severe weather conditions are expected. The smartwatch also calculates the sunrise and sunset timings and detects ebb and flood tide as well. The HONOR Watch GS Pro also identifies eight types of moon phases and estimates the timings of moonrise and moonset. These weather updates are particularly important as they ensure that users are never caught by surprise in the outdoors. 

The HONOR Watch GS Pro is currently available for 999 SAR, and for White Friday HONOR is offering the HONOR Band 5 with purchase for a value of 130 SAR. 

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