Nordic Homeworx: Wood Flooring Trends in 2017 – Inspired by Nature


DUBAI, UAE: PRNewswire: Interiors in 2017 are all about going back to basics, connecting ourselves with nature once again. In a world that’s so fast-paced, we as humans have an innate need to hold on to the natural, the organic. This is now being translated into interior design trends, with homes focusing on having a harmonious, natural and calm feeling. Creating a home with a soul. Having a natural wood floor at home is a big part of creating that feeling- because wood is a material that affects all senses.

According to Emanuel Lidberg, Creative Design Manager at Kährs in Sweden “a current trend in Scandinavia is big windows, covering a whole wall from floor to ceiling [in an effort to erase the lines between indoors and outdoors]. This means that the light falls in a way that can cause reflections on the floor, confusing our sense of colour. That is why we’re seeing matte surfaces becoming a big trend in the near future.”

Though investing in a high-quality natural wood flooring in Dubai will most likely have a high initial price, it will surely cost you less over time. This is due to the fact that much like most high-end brands – more research has been done into the product, skillful manufacturing implemented and high-quality raw materials used. There is usually a valid reason for a wood floor’s price. It generally takes a little bit of investigation into the brand to understand better. We also recommend you to look into other clients’ experiences through testimonials or word-of-mouth as an additional background check into the supplier.

Wood floors provide a natural warmth and beauty to a home that very few other flooring materials can. Wood floors also add style to a home, are easy to care for and clean, comfortable to walk on and are non-allergenic and child-friendly.

One of the oldest wood manufacturers in the world is Kährs of Sweden. The 160-year history of Kährs is the story of a strong passion for nature and the environment; for wood as a material and for interior design, combined with innovative thinking and a commitment to the highest quality standards. Distributed exclusively by Nordic Homeworx in Dubai.

Nordic Homeworx is not only the exclusive distributor of Kährs in the United Arab Emirates, but also the agent for the brand throughout the Middle East. Nordic Homeworx was founded in 2006 by Ms. Pauline Madani – a Swedish native – in an effort to bring premium Swedish wood flooring in Dubai. Over the past decade, the company has developed a successful concept based on a strong passion for Kährs as a brand with its Nordic heritage.