NRTC Fresh is now the biggest importer of fruits and vegetables to the UAE


The ministry of climate change and environment has officially named NRTC Fresh as the biggest importer of fresh fruits and vegetables to the UAE. His Excellency Sultan Alwan, Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE), presented this award to Mr. Adnan Al Refaee, the Imports Manager of NRTC Group on Wednesday 7th April.

“We are honoured to receive this prestigious title from the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. There is no greater pleasure than supporting this wonderful nation in its efforts to establish long-term food security and ensure prosperous outcomes for its residents. We as a company realise our responsibility towards the people, the nation, and the environment in sourcing the safest and best quality produce from international markets, and we aim to constantly improve our standards along with international norms. This award is not only a testament towards the UAE’s trust in our brand but also our trust in the future of this evolving nation.” says Mr. Mohammad Nassar, CEO of NRTC Group

The UAE imports approximately 80-90% of its food supplies and NRTC Fresh is continually seeking opportunities to contribute towards the country’s plan for long-term food security through enhancing national logistics infrastructure and assisting in the development of the local agriculture industry. To further promote naturally fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables at affordable prices for the UAE population, NRTC Fresh has recently launched a new organic range of produce that is locally sourced from ‘Heaven Organic Farms’ (an Abu Dhabi-based organic farm) to be sold alongside their extensive range of exported fresh produce.

Consequently, NRTC Fresh aims to enhance its locally-sourced organic range to encourage sustainable development in the nation and reassure its continued commitment to supplying fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables for consumers with both imported and local produce. To shop from NRTC fresh or find out more, go to: 

About NRTC Fresh:

Founded in December 2018, NRTC Fresh was founded to supply high-quality produce from local and international farms to UAE residents. NRTC Fresh prides itself on ensuring only the freshest products are delivered. NRTC Fresh is owned by the NRTC Group which has been in operation for over 40 years in the UAE, supplying high profile UAE clients across sectors such as retail, hospitals, airlines, HORECA as well as ruler’s palaces. Now with the launch of the e-commerce site, NRTC Fresh goods are available for consumers and individuals to enjoy.