NRTC Fresh launches locally-produced organic fruits and vegetables range

Holding baskets full of freshly plucked various vegetables in the hothouse of an agricultural farm. Concept of healthy eating and rich harvest
Holding baskets full of freshly plucked various vegetables in the hothouse of an agricultural farm. Concept of healthy eating and rich harvest

As World Health Day approaches, the homegrown fresh fruits and vegetable platform, NRTC Fresh, has introduced a brand-new range of locally-grown organic produce that will cater to the needs of the UAE market. The organic content will be of premium quality while aligning with the brand’s promise of providing fresh and authentic fruits and vegetables to promote healthier living.

The new organic range includes nutritious and staple produce sourced from ‘Heaven Organic Farms’ – an organic farm based in Abu Dhabi. Popular crops such as Potatoes, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Capsicums and Pumpkins will be stocked alongside NRTC Fresh’s wide range of wholesome fruits and vegetables.

“After witnessing a surge in interest for local and organic produce over the last year, we are extremely pleased to meet our customers’ needs with this organic range. The modern consumer is now more aware of their environmental impact and pay attention to the foods they are consuming, this high demand for local and organic fruits and vegetables has given us the opportunity to partner with and support local farms and participate in sustainable development through our organic food range. As a company, we recognize that this poses an important shift in consumer behaviour, and we aim to support them in their choices with this initiative.” says Mr. Mohammad Nassar, CEO of NRTC Group.

The new organic range is an important step for NRTC Fresh in increasing their contribution towards eco-friendly farming practices and developing the local agriculture industry. Its partnership with Heaven Organic Farms is set to improve domestic food security and job creation opportunities as the farm utilizes precision agriculture and various smart farming techniques to produce high-quality crops while protecting the environment.Customers will now be able to purchase NRTC Fresh’s new range of organic fruits and vegetables from the comfort of their homes by placing their orders through the website,  or the NRTC Fresh App available on the App Store and Google Play.

About NRTC Fresh:

Founded in December 2018, NRTC Fresh was founded to supply high-quality produce from local and international farms to UAE residents. NRTC Fresh prides itself on ensuring only the freshest products are delivered. NRTC Fresh is owned by the NRTC Group which has been in operation for over 40 years in the UAE, supplying high profile UAE clients across sectors such as retail, hospitals, airlines, HORECA as well as ruler’s palaces. Now with the launch of the e-commerce site, NRTC Fresh goods are available for consumers and individuals to enjoy.