Panasonic to feature future living solutions at IFA 2016


The Japanese electronics giant will also showcase solutions from its first Smart City project, “Future Living Berlin”

panasonic-ifaDubai, United Arab Emirates: Panasonic will exhibit its latest products and technologies at IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) 2016, happening in Berlin from September 2 until 7. Under the theme “A Better Life, A Better World,” the Panasonic booth will highlight lifestyle solutions for the future at IFA, one of the biggest trade shows for consumer electronics and home appliances in the world. Panasonic is exhibiting a wide range of products, from audio-visual equipment to home appliances and beauty appliances to feature “the lifestyles we all desire”.

A major attraction at Panasonic’s booth located in Hall 5.2, is the interactive presentation of its first smart city project in Germany, which will include the smart energy, smart mobility, smart security, smart health, and smart citizenship solutions. Panasonic recently announced that it will be playing a key role in setting up the smart residential project “Future Living Berlin” in the German capital’s Adlershof district.

Panasonic has also entered into a partnership with Berliner Philharmoniker (BPH), one of the world’s most eminent orchestras, to explore opportunities in bringing a premium and authentic live concert hall experience to the home and in-car environment. The company will support the Berliner Philharmoniker’s internet video platform, the Digital Concert Hall (DCH). BPH will collaborate with Technics, the high-end audio brand of Panasonic. Some of the cutting-edge technologies by Technics will be featured with the latest audio-visual technologies at IFA.

Panasonic LIVE@IFA2016 will also feature live video feed of the event at the venue.

Mr. Anthony Peter, Director of Corporate Communications and Operations Division PMMAF, commented, “IFA2016, in Berlin, provides Panasonic a huge platform to display our top-end technologies from the very niche Technics for the discerning music aficionados to daily use ‎products that are designed to bring significant lifestyle difference to our customers embodying our ethos of a ‘better life, a better world’. The ‘Future Living Berlin’ smart city will be a further step in fulfilling such objectives.”

Main Exhibits in the Panasonic Booth

Future Lifestyle:

Lifestyle Showcase: Better Living Tomorrow – Future Lifestyle with Connected Appliances

With its advanced appliances connected to a network, Panasonic will create a multipurpose

living area by fusing the kitchen and living and dining rooms into one where the family and

friends can congregate and share time together, yet each one can have enough space to

spend one’s time in one’s own way. As an example of “the lifestyle we all desire” technically

achievable within the next three to five years, Panasonic presents an enriched lifestyle as

envisaged by sharing the space with loved and special ones.

Multipurpose space allowing to share experiences – This corner will feature a simple, interactive, and harmonious living environment in a manner that reflects personal preferences in daily life. The spatial environment can be changed depending on personal behaviour to ensure comfort and to produce unexpected excitement anywhere.

  • In/visible library, glass curtain

Transparent displays are blended into the home’s interior – invisible as they are built into

cupboard doors or sliding doors. The displays show images only when necessary.

  • Lighting and audio-visual equipment

Lighting and sound change in response to personal movement. The equipment effectively

changes the atmosphere depending on the situation.

Equipment and services that reflect personal preferences and increase satisfaction – This corner will feature a living environment that enables access to appropriate information and offers support on various occasions in daily life. The cooking experience helps to enjoy meals and conversation.

  • Sake & wine cellar

This cellar keeps different types of alcoholic beverages, such as sake and wine, at optimal

temperature and humidity. A transparent display is used as the door to show a variety of information such as information about the drinks inside and recipes of dishes that go well with them.

  • Range hoods equipped with a camera

Panasonic’s range hoods achieve accurate sensing of cooking conditions. The temperature of induction hobs is properly controlled to get professional-level cooking at home. The progress of cooking can also be checked.

  • New Concept Built-in Cooker

Panasonic’s new cooker is based on a concept totally different from that of induction hobs and griddles. It is also built into a table. The operation is simple—put ingredients on a dish and set it on the cooker. No pot or frying pan is required because the cooker heats only the

ingredients. The cooker presents a new cooking experience that keeps freshly cooked dishes hot and tasty until the end of a meal.

  • Cloud services

The cloud services are designed to present recipes for increasing the joy of cooking and

making up variations. Working in tandem with a range hood equipped with a camera, the

cloud services enable connected cooking appliances to share information and control the

temperature, so that multiple dishes can be completed simultaneously. Great food makes your party with special ones even more special.

  • All in One Laundry

This laundry machine does a series of time-consuming laundry chores, from washing, drying

and folding, to storage, based on image analysis and robotics technologies. This allows for

more leisure time.

  • Home controller

The home controller is designed to control all home appliances, including lighting, and provide helpful information. For example, the controller also detects and lets users know what is left in the refrigerator. It is connected to the cloud via a home server to support various aspects of daily life.

Smart Home:

Lifestyle Showcase: Peace of mind for your life

Here visitors can find a smart home that is easy to operate, with all security products in the

house, e.g. cameras, sensors, connected. A lifestyle that provides a sense of security is

introduced in five settings and presentations.

Home network system

This corner will introduce a DECT-compatible home network system that easily establishes a connection between a smartphone and the home. Also exhibited will be optional products including indoor and outdoor cameras, open/close sensors, occupancy sensors, and smart plugs with a built-in sensor.

Digital Imaging

  • Consulting counter & shooting

The lineup of Panasonic LUMIX digital cameras and video cameras will be on display. Panasonic’s product experts will be on hand to offer consulting services. All products on display here will be available for visitors to try out and experience first-hand.

Products on Display

  • HC-X1 4K 60p/50p video camera (to be released in December 2016 in Europe)
  • HC-X1 is the world’s first* video camera with a 1-inch sensor that features a wide-angle (24 mm)/optical 20x zoom lens. This new 4K 60p/50p video camera that meets professional needs will be on display.

(*As of September 1, 2016, based on a survey conducted by Panasonic.)

  • LUMIX Digital Cameras

This corner will feature DMC-TZ100 and other LUMIX cameras to introduce the Focus Select feature, which allows the focus position to be freely adjusted after the photo is taken, and the 4K PHOTO feature, which enables the user to select a frame from a 30-fps image sequence and create a photo.

TV + Home AV:

Lifestyle showcase: True to filmmaker’s vision

This area highlights Panasonic’s guiding philosophy for picture quality: “true to the filmmaker’s

vision,” by showing how Panasonic is uniquely involved from the movie-set through to the

living room. As such Panasonic’s professional filmmaking equipment is displayed alongside

its Ultra HD Premium* TVs and a Blu-ray Disc players.

(*A premium standard established by the UHD Alliance that specifies the highest quality of 4K Ultra HD)

Products on Display

  • 4K Pro HDR TVs

This corner will highlight the high-quality picture quality of Panasonic’s 4K Pro HDR DX-series line-up, with accurate color thanks to Panasonic’s proprietary image processing technologies, and fine-tuning by a leading Hollywood colorist. Panasonic’s Art & Interior design concept for 2016 TVs which aims to harmonize them within our living environments is displayed and explained. Panasonic will also exhibit a prototype OLED TV, in addition to various other futureTV technologies.

  • Ultra HD Blu-rayTM Players

In addition to the high-end DMP-UB900, the DMP-UB700 which will be released from October 2016 in Europe, will also be exhibited. Both models are ULTRA HD Premium* certified and thus deliver the best 4K/HDR experience available.


Products on Display

  • Urban Audio series

The Urban Audio series will be on display for the first time. Featuring stylish designs, this

series is designed to deliver high-quality music for urban life based on the concept of “LIFE

WITH MUSIC, REIMAGINED.” The SC-UA7 all-in-one speaker system consists of 10 speaker

units, each built into a hexagonal cabinet, and delivers powerful sound with a 180-degree

listening area. The SC-RB5, which is portable and waterproof type, produces ultra-bass

sound by vibrating the bottom face of the cabinet, and achieves a 360-degree sound field.

  • AllPlay™-Compatible products

Visitors will find here Panasonic’s audio products that are compatible with the AllPlay™

protocol, which uses Wi-Fi to play music simultaneously on several devices in the house.

Various products will be on display to present a new audio experience at home, including the SC-ALL7CD featuring a flat design that achieves both high sound quality and compactness with Hi-Res compatibility, and the SC-ALL05, the first waterproof product in the series with a built-in battery.


This corner will exhibit RP-BTS50/BTS30/BTS10 wireless headphones that enable the user to

enjoy high-quality sound while engaged in hard sports, and RP-HF500/300/100 high sound

quality headphones featuring a fashionable design and color variations, etc.

  • Hi-Res-compatible products

This corner will introduce products that play Hi-Res audio files with high resolution and quality, such as SC-PMX100/70 micro audio systems, RP-HD10/6M headphones, and RP-HDE10 inside phones.

Personal Care

Lifestyle Showcase: Feeling better by looking good

Personal Care for three categories, ladies’ beauty, men’s grooming, and oral care, will be

presented in a special space.

  • Ladies beauty

The EH-XC10 facial beauty appliance for “dense foam aesthetic salon treatment” and the

EH-XT20 ion effector, both of which are to be released in October 2016 in Europe, will be

introduced as high-grade professional beauty products. Visitors can also try out the EH-SA31

steamer. #SnSnap, an SNS photo printing service, will also be available here.

  • Men’s grooming

Visitors can experience firsthand the 5-blade ES-LV9N Lamdash shaver that allows for a

gentle and close shave, ER-GB80 beard and moustache trimmers offering 39 settings for

personalized trim length, and the ER-GC71 hair trimmer.

  • Oral care

The EW1411 rechargeable dental beat, the EW-DM81 electric toothbrush (to be released in

September 2016 in Europe), and the EW-DL83 will be available for try out.


This corner will feature demonstrations using an actual model equipped with Panasonic’s

unique Auto Care function, which employs four sensors to detect laundry weight, materials,

and soil levels as well as water temperature, and automatically achieves optimal washing

settings. The lineup exhibition will feature 10 kg and 8 kg models to compare how much

laundry can be handled in one load. Miniature models will show the history of Panasonic

washing machines and a video presentation will illustrate their quality trusted by consumers

over many years.

Kitchen Appliances:

Lifestyle Showcase: Experience Fresh

A food specialist will be invited for cooking demonstrations using Panasonic’s kitchen

appliances – microwave oven, bread maker, slow juicer, high-power blender, food processor

– and ingredients that are kept fresh in a Panasonic refrigerator. Recipes for dishes that can

be cooked using Panasonic’s kitchen appliances will also be introduced.

Kitchen appliances

On display will be the NN-DS596 microwave oven, the SD-ZB2512 bread maker, the MJ-L500 slow juicer, the MX-ZX1800 high-power blender (to be released in September 2016 in Europe), and the MK-F800 food processor. Visitors will also be able to learn about a fresh and healthy eating lifestyle that can be readily practiced.

  • Refrigerators

This corner will focus on Panasonic’s own technologies including temperature control that

keeps meat and fish fresh for an extended period of time at −3°C, in addition to

demonstrations showing humidity and nutrient control technologies to maintain freshness. A lineup of side-by-side refrigerators along with their sleek design will also be introduced.

Built-in Kitchen Appliances

  • Cooking demonstrations

An instructor from a famous Japanese cooking school, the TSUJI Culinary Institute, and a

German chef will prepare dishes using Panasonic’s cooking appliances. Visitors will find

how accurate temperature control of Panasonic’s induction hobs makes perfect deep fried

and grilled dishes. The food will be available for tasting.

Products on Display

  • Induction hobs

This corner will feature the Genius sensor, Panasonic’s original light thermal sensor

technology that detects far-infrared radiation from the bottom of the pot to ensure accurate

temperature control. Panasonic’s proprietary technologies to provide optimum temperature control for cooking will be introduced using a skeleton model and video. Also on display will be a prototype of the KY-T937VF induction hob (to be released in March 2017 in Europe).

  • Built-in equipment

Built-in kitchen equipment that is on sale in Germany (steam microwave ovens,

dishwasher-dryers, warmers, and refrigerators) will be on display. For the HL-SX485 steam

microwave oven equipped with inverter controls and steamer functions, steam

demonstrations will be performed.


Sound room

Visitors can experience the Technics SL-1200G direct drive turntable system that has been developed to redefine the direct drive mechanism, and the sound of the G30 series

that is designed to create next-generation Hi-Fi sound.

Products on Display

  • SL-1200G direct drive turntable system

The manufacturing process for the SL-1200G, underpinned by craftsmanship, will be

introduced together with a video presentation. Tradition is combined with advanced

technologies, with each part carefully crafted.

  • Lineup exhibition

The overall concept of Technics will be introduced by exhibiting the full lineup of products,

including Reference Class, Grand Class, and Premium Class, and the Technics TRACKS

Hi-Res audio files download service, etc.

Future Living Berlin

Panel/diorama exhibition

In addition to the smart city project in which Panasonic is involved, the company’s five proprietary solutions that underpin the smart city project will be introduced using panels and dioramas. These solutions include smart energy, smart mobility, smart security, smart health, and smart citizenship.

About Panasonic

Panasonic Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development and engineering of electronic technologies and

solutions for customers in residential, non-residential, mobility and personal applications. Since its founding in 1918, the company has expanded globally and now operates around 500 consolidated companies worldwide, recording consolidated net sales of 7.74 trillion yen for the year ended March 31, 2014. Committed to pursuing new value through innovation across divisional lines, the company strives to create a better life and a better world for its customers.

About Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa FZE (PMMAF):

Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa FZE (PMMAF) is the regional Headquarters, all functions related to Sales and Marketing, Supply chain and Customer service solutions, and Advertising functions under the brand name Panasonic is handled by PMMAF. The vision at PMMAF is to be the No 1 Customer-centric Company and No 1 Customer-preferred brand in the Middle East and Africa region.