Jerome Droesch, CEO, Domestic Health and Health Services, Cigna International Markets

Quote from Cigna Insurance – Emirati Women’s Day:

“The Emirati Women’s Day signifies the tremendous progress, growth, and success achieved by the Emirati women, under the able guidance, vision, and support of the country’s leadership. This year, we mark the Emirati Women’s Day under the theme ‘Inspiring Reality… Sustainable Future’. And it is time for us to reinforce the contribution of Emirati women across different spheres, particularly in the healthcare domain. At Cigna, we are aligned with the UAE’s national vision, and the company is committed to fair, competitive, and transparent policies for all employees. We are proud to have many talented Emirati women in our team at Cigna, including in STEM and other technical roles. We have made a pledge to increase the representation of Emirati women in strategic roles at Cigna to ensure that their perspectives are integrated. Through this, we aspire to create a sustainable platform to showcase the success stories of Emirati women at Cigna.”

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