Sicis Introduces Cosmati Luxury Mosaic Collection


Art and memory run through the surface smoothed by time, lay light steps on marble carpets, and linger in an intriguing game of shapes and colours, searching for eternal harmonies..

Cosmati, elegant inlays took their name from an ancient family of Roman marble workers known for the production of flooring. Characteristic ornaments of the 12th and 13th centuries embellished the most important churches and noble palaces in Europe for centuries. 

SICIS, through significant research, wanted to emphasize the beauty of the precious and refined ‘floor embroidery’ by interpreting it in a new collection. It welcomes new horizons for the marvellous surfaces, mastered and recognized since the Byzantine era and now recreated in ambitious contemporary homes and projects. 

The Great Gatsby central villa was created in perfect Art Deco style. The concept idea follows a common thread that permeates everything, surfaces form a background and creates a natural continuity. The marble staircase, the main element of the hall, has a galvanized stainless steel handrail, with the risers of the steps decorated with a design from the Cosmati patterns. The coverings were used as well in the dining, living areas and other ambiances in the villa. 

The floors, all made with SICIS Factory materials, are in precious, light-colored marbles of different selections and black for the geometric decorations of the iconic Cosmati collection. The material has a thickness of 1 cm and can easily face outdoor installation 

The famous polychrome marble executions of different and imaginative shapes are now translating into unique decorations. Marble and natural stones can be combined with new materials such as Vetrite, forming predominantly geometric elements that can vary in colour and tone, shape, and size.