Sky News Arabia Launches Media Training Academy

  • Sky News Arabia’s renowned journalists and media professionals will lead the training, including Giselle Khoury, Nadim Koteich, Youssef Al-Tsoori, Majed Al-Farsi, Chantal Saliba and Ramza Zakharia 
  • Training academy will provide the next generation of Arab talent with the foundation to pursue a career in media and enable current professionals to sharpen their media skills 
  • Students will also benefit from guest trainers including leading media professionals from International Media Investments including Mina Al-Oraibi, Ahmed Al-Alawi, Mustafa Al-Rawi and Nasreen Fakher
  • Academy will leverage Sky News Arabia studios – the most technically advanced studios in the region
  • More than 30 courses will be available in Digital and Social Media, Technical Operations, Television Production and Radio, to empower people with the skills they need to succeed
Nart Bouran, CEO of International Media Investments

Abu Dhabi: Sky News Arabia has launched the Sky News Arabia Academy, a game-changing initiative that will empower the next generation of Arab talent with the foundations to excel in today’s dynamic media industry. The Sky News Arabia Academy features a range of specialised training courses aimed at individuals taking their first steps in media, while also providing a platform for established professionals and corporates looking to sharpen their skills and learn the latest sector techniques.

Workshops and training courses will be led by a selection of the most experienced Arab media professionals and broadcasters, including Giselle Khoury, Nadim Koteich, Youssef Al-Tsoori, Majid Al-Farsi, Sami Qasimi, Maha Abdullah, Chantal Saliba, Ramza Zakharia and Musa Al-Balushi. People who sign up to the Academy courses will also benefit from the expertise of key media professionals from International Media Investments titles, The National and Al Roeya, such as Mina Al-Oraibi, Ahmed Al-Alawi, Mustafa Al-Rawi and Nasreen Fakher. 

“As a leader and pioneer in the media sector we recognise the importance of nurturing future talent. Sky News Arabia Academy is committed to shaping the future of media and empowering talent, as well as strengthening other sectors by equipping professionals with the media and digital skills they need to thrive. By leveraging the established talent within our organisation and the latest technologies and techniques, we are realising our ambition to nurture the next generation of media professionals across the Middle East and North Africa,” said Nart Bouran, CEO of International Media Investments, whose assets include Sky News Arabia. 

The Academy also provides the opportunity to train in the Sky News Arabia studios, the most technically advanced in the Arab world, while the wide range of courses includes content developed by the region’s leading skilled journalists, content creators and media leaders. 

“We believe that the right training opens endless possibilities. We launched Sky News Arabia Academy to give those wishing to enter the world of media the perfect start to their exciting journey, equipping them with powerful tools for success with courses that cover all media platforms: visual, audio, and digital,” said Mahra Al Yaqoobi, Head of Training Programmes at Sky News Arabia Academy.

“We invite anyone with an interest in media to register for our courses to develop their skills and take advantage of a broad range of possibilities in the media sector,” she added.

Sky News Arabia Academy offers more than 30 specialised academic courses in four main categories, in the Arabic language: Digital and Social Media, Technical Operations, Television Production and Radio Production. Courses will initially be available in the UAE and will be extended to other GCC and Arab countries. The first training course will include 26 students, the winners of ‘Sky News Arabia Star’, a programme launched in early 2020 in cooperation with 14 universities in the Arab world.

Media presenter Nadim Koteich, Dr. Yahya Khairallah, and experienced digital journalist Iman Khattab will present the course that combines traditional and advanced media under three main sections: digital communication, television presenting, and editorial writing.

Sky News Arabia Academy training courses are available to a wide range of institutions, including government and semi-government agencies, private companies, scientific and media centres, universities and colleges, as well as individuals interested in a pursuing a career in media or seeking to acquire outstanding media skills that will help in all aspects of life. 

About Sky News Arabia:

Sky News Arabia is a leading pan-Arab news organisation broadcasting 24/7 to households across the Arabic-speaking world. With a free-to-air TV channel, audio platforms and online platforms, it is the home of breaking news, business, lifestyle, arts, culture, and sports coverage.

Committed to delivering outstanding analysis of the regional and international news agenda since 2012, Sky News Arabia has become a trusted and respected news outlet appealing to people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. Alongside its core news coverage, the channel has built a strong audience for its business coverage, daily sports analysis, and current affairs.

Sky News Arabia recently announced a fresh programming line-up with new presenters, cutting-edge broadcast technology and a digital-first approach to content creation. This was complemented by new virtual news studios using the latest in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology that have been introduced for the first time in the region, giving Sky News Arabia the most progressive newsroom in the Middle East and North Africa. 

Sky News Arabia has a network of bureaus across MENA, Europe, and the US, ensuring viewers are up to date with all the news and the stories behind the news as it unfolds.

Sky News Arabia was launched through a joint investment between International Media Investments and British Sky News. The International Media Investments portfolio includes a number of successful and distinctive media assets around the world, including both “The National” and “Al Roeya” newspaper.

The Group pursues an approach focused on digital growth in all of its companies, and strategies that support ambitious and new investment horizons led by Nart Buran, CEO of International Media Investments.